Sunday, March 4, 2018

The Sadist in BDSM within the femdom lifestyle


BDSM stands for; Bondage - Discipline - Sadist - Masochist.

Bondage is not just about physically tying him down or binding him in certain positions or places. It is a metaphor that means much more, as it represents your power, his submission, your freedom, his slavery. It is You controlling, his actions, his thoughts, his body and his mind. It is forcing him and changing him, to become what you want, to do what you want, how you want it, when ever you want it. It is your dominance and everything that has to do with your authority and control over him. It is about using your power over him and creating the type of submissive you desire, to be to served and obeyed as you command! 

Discipline is not the same as punishments although the two go hand in hand. Discipline is the act of, or practice of, training a male to submit and obey rules, follow orders and a specific behavior, using punishments to correct and deter disobedience. It has no morals, no discrepancy, no mercy and is unyielding to extract the perfect submissive. Discipline should always be aggressive, relentless, ruthless, and demanding. It is using humiliation and severe punishments with a forceful demeanor and attitude to achieve the desired submission.    

A Sadist is a female who gets sexual pleasure or excitement from the humiliation, pain, and punishments of her male slave. Specific regard given to humiliation and punishments. She loves to use humiliation to deepen his submission and control him. She loves watching him loose his manhood and become submissive, bowing his head because of it. More so, she loves to inflict pain to force his submission and obedience to her. She gets excited and wet when she hears him beg and sees his ass welted and bruised. She loves to hear him cry out and beg her to stop because she knows this is true power. She loves seeing him on his knees, obeying her and it greatly excites her to hear him moan from her cock, submitting to it, craving it, and becoming a cock whipped bitch. She loves and enjoys the power and control over her submissive with no regard to his thoughts, feelings, wants or needs....He is not a man, he is her bitch and he is simply there for her pleasure and to obey.

A Masochist is a male who is disciplined and converted to derive sexual gratification from his submission, humiliation, and pain. Specific regard given to cuckolding, pegging, sissifying, slutting out/used, chores, and general submission. Usually he is denied sex or any real physical pleasure that would grant him satisfaction, thus keeping him dependent on her affairs and cruel acts for enjoyment. He cannot resist being turned on by a cruel dominant, aggressive female and in fact is naturally submissive to such a demeanor. Some of her strongest power and control over him is treating him like a bitch and forcing him to be just that. To show she does not care about whats done to get his submission, or the extremes she does to him to keep him submissive.  

Do you get turned on by the thought of having your bitch at home doing chores while your out fucking other men? Does it excite you to deny him pussy and fuck whom ever you want? Do you get wet when you see him on his knees, when he obeys, and/or when he begs. Does the thought of being cruel and humiliating to him make you laugh? Do you get aroused when you whip his ass and hear him beg you to stop? Do you love the though of making him your bitch from here out, to date or have a full time boyfriend, to reduce him to nothing more than a bitch to serve and hand over his pay?
If any or all of these apply to you, you are a natural Sadist.
Being a female Sadist is very important, it is where you derive your power from and what drives you to be dominant and aggressive. It is also the key to being a successful Dominatrix and maximizing his submission to the fullest you deserve. Especially with regard to the cuckolding and sissifying sides of femdom. I'll explain; When cuckolding you don't want sex with him and obviously don't care about his feelings of how often, when and where you have sex with other men, its simply none of his business. The same goes for when you take a boyfriend full time, right? Well when it first starts off its going to be new, exciting for him, and humiliating as well, but as weeks turn into months and he is denied sex while you are getting pounded by this much larger cock, the cuckolding angst will get the best of him. Excitement will turn into jealousy, not of the BF but because he is getting pussy (probably often), and your bitch is not getting anything. While you can do things to keep it exciting for him as long as possible like letting him hear on the phone, watch if that's possible, used for fun if possible, or what ever works. However, sooner or later he will become unruly or cause an argument to end it all or simply not want to do it anymore.

First if you handle the outburst or fit correctly (meaning don't fall for it and instead maintain your control), it will minimize the effects but more importantly the Sadist side of you would have kept him from throwing a major temper tantrum in the first place as he would fear the severe punishment from it. No its not the same and would have no effect if you suddenly decide to punish him correctly after he wants you to stop having sex with other men or your boyfriend. Because the at that point the angst has already built out of control and you won't even get him into the dungeon let alone the position to be tied down to take his punishment. It is the discipline you follow, the type of control you yield, the fear he has, and the severe punishments he endures through out training and 24/7 that will keep him in check, keep him from having a temper tantrum, and returning to the bench for his attitude whipping when he does get mouthy. Trust me nothing is worse in femdom then having to stop fucking a cute/hot guy with an awesome cock, that fucks you really good because you didn't do what you were suppose to this whole time. Because you were not dominant and aggressive enough, and did not punish severely every time he disobeyed or broke a rule. Yes, substituting cock/pegging helps but its still a 50/50 chance that he will rebel, where as being the true dominant sadist you should be anyways, greatly reduces it. 

As a Dom you need to embrace your sadist side, you need to let it out and let it consume you. Feel its power, enjoy it, feed off it and let it give you pleasure. Let it evolve you into the powerful women you are meant to be. Enjoy his torment, and make him suffer for you, break his will and force him to do things for your pleasure and laugh at him because of it. Feel the power and excitement as you whip his ass black and blue, leaving welts that last for days. You don't care of the pain he endures, his screams or begs you to stop. On the contrary you love it, it turns you on, makes you wet, and think about sex with your boyfriend because you know you will have his cock as long and often as you want because you are letting out your sadistic side. You love that you hold the power to stop when you see fit and it makes you even wetter to hear him scream begging you to stop, knowing he will be your bitch for it, that he will be completely submissive and do what ever you say when you finally stop. You will break him and create a submissive bitch forever. 

He is your bitch, you should not care of his thoughts, feelings, or desires as he is there to serve you, to obey you, and suffer for you. It is your way always, you are the female, his dominatrix, the only authority and he has no say so, at all!  No Dom should ever have to deal with attitude, backtalk, disobedience, lectures, interrogations or questions. Let your sadist side show him you will not put up with it, make him regret is unruliness and make sure he is less likely repeat it. 

Your power comes from with in, it comes from the ability to be cruel, humiliate, to inflict pain, and show no mercy. It comes from your ability to enjoy it, to be turned on by it and not care to see his ass welted and bruised or hear him cry out. It comes from the knowledge that he is humiliated by you fucking other men with bigger cocks, that you rub it in constantly and laugh at his dicklet. That you seek new ways to humiliate him and break his will. There is not a more loyal and truly submissive bitch then one owned by a female Dom who shows her power 24/7, uses her bitch only for his purpose, fucks other men as often as she can, lets her sadist side overcome her, and punishes severely for rule breaking and disobedience.               

Wednesday, January 17, 2018

Relationships and Marriage,

                                            RELATIONSHIPS, DATING, & MARRIAGE

I've had A series of questions asked of me over the years on this topic, by both single men and my fellow Dom's. In the past, the single men these women and my self were seeking to hook up with or date have on occasion asked, "Are you in a relationship?" This was expected from time to time, but it didn't happen that often so it wasn't really a need to address. Back then things were different and most guys were just looking for the sex, if a relationship started, so be it! If the question ever arose most women said NO, or I'm in an open relationship and most of the time all was good. Over the years it appears that more guys are asking this question. My guess is that it has to do with the tremendous increase of women seeking sex outside their relationship, be it dating or marriage. But not just from this lifestyle, Swingers and vanilla women as well are seeking sex from single males. While the number of Dominatrix/Mistresses have increased drastically, its not just this that has impacted the increased rise in questions from single men. These days, a lot of involved women are cuckolding, seeking "BIGGER" better and longer sex from single men, while they enjoy the love, comfort, support, and security, of their relationship. Of course who could blame them, women are intelligent no matter what lifestyle they live. So why wouldn't women who know nothing about this lifestyle (or just to scared about social conviction from friends, family, or co-workers) want to enjoy cuckolding, taking his paycheck and having the best sex they can. With all in consideration, a single guy looking to find a relationship or hook up is far more likely find that she is already in some sort of commitment with someone else than find a true single female. So a single male in the field has over time discovered that the majority of the women he has talked to or hooked up with is in fact spoken for in some manner, especially if she is attractive or fit. Thus the rise in questions from these single men if "YOU" are in a relationship or married. Most Women that have been in this lifestyle for years can deal with this easily enough as we always have. However with the rise of new women joining our ranks so quickly with out proper training or information on how to deal with being a women of power, she is unsure what to say, or how to react. Also the question has arose from time to time here lately, "Do I have a moral obligation to answer truthfully?"

Well here is the truth, if he asked you if your in a relationship or married, he is meaning in the conventional sense, husband and wife like vanilla's do. Meaning having regular, normal sex, day to day intimacy, living as equals with equal power and say. Which in his mind says that he has no hopes for anything other than a one time hook up or a few casual encounters at best. Even worse a husband or boyfriend that would beat him up or damage his property. But that's not you, you don't have that type of marriage or relationship, and you don't want that type. If you are in this lifestyle, you do not have a conventional relationship.....Especially if you are married. Sex and intimacy is not even in your vocabulary with your sub and it shouldn't be. You don't want your bitch for sex, and frankly you don't want him to have anything to do with your pussy, or any pussy. You want him as a bitch, your submissive, cock loving bitch. You surely don't want him as an equal, and honestly his only purpose is to serve and obey you, to make your life better. So in reality, you are looking for a boyfriend or lover to date, to give you the better sex you want, spend time with and even more with the right guy. Just because you are married does not mean you can't be a Mistress/dominatrix and have things your way or that you have to suffer sexually because of this commitment. In fact, the fact that you are married gives you even more of the power and your only commitment to your partner is to love only him, to stand by him, and care for his well being until death due you part. It has nothing to do with sex or who you have sex with and it surely doesn't mean he is granted sex or that you ever have to give sex to him at all. On the contrary, being married means you say when sex happens and how or what type of sex happens. Sex can be anything you allow, like him in a chastity licking you off for hours, allowing him to jerk off once a month, him sucking on a big cock (real or not) or him getting pounded by a big cock (real or not).  So if a single guy asks, the answer to his question should truthfully and always be NO, you are not married or your in an open relationship.

You at some point were oblivious to this lifestyle, you didn't realize the power, and the pleasure you could have. But you knew and even saw in other relationships that women gave orders and the men would obey, especially with the threat of no sex. Deep down inside, the longer you were married you knew you were the boss, that you made the rules, and that he would do what you said or be refused sex. So you obviously didn't marry him for the sex, even if it was OK or good sex, you married him for everything else as I said above. Let me ask you this, purely talking sex and no thought of a relationship or marriage; knowing what you know now about cock size, sex, pleasure, and orgasms, would you have even had sex with your husband or would you laughed turning him down for sex? My bet is that you would have denied him from the start, just like your denying him now. At first sex with him was new, probably good (before you knew what good sex was) and maybe even passionate, it was an emotional bonding time. But eventually (even though you might of had OK orgasms) it was just to make him happy. But the sex is dull and quick, or he can't keep it hard. By now you really don't ever think about sex with him, but you do think about having sex with other well endowed men. Am I right? Now that you have had great sex and long powerful orgasms, there is no way you want to to give that up. You probably aren't even sexually attracted to him, and are more turned on by the thought of him being your bitch and serving you then having that tiny, pathetic excuse for a dick inside you. So, you know you didn't marry him for the sex, you married him for the same instinctive reason 95% of women marry the men they do, because you can control him, because he is good to you, because he is a good father and a good supporter for you, and because you love him. None of these has to do with sex or your pleasure and thus why you have chosen to take your natural place as the boss and authority. To have him take his natural place serving at your feet, to date and get the sex you love and deserve.

You see, your husband has been domesticated, it happens naturally as it is his natural biological place to follow orders from his dominant wife when she takes control of her pussy and his will. It happens to 99 % of married men. This happens out of this lifestyle, on a much milder level, but often leads to women joining the lifestyle when she feels the power and control she has. He can't help it, pussy is very powerful as are the urges he has, to get it. Over time, or in the hands of a very dominant woman, his will to a mild degree has become yours and he finds himself doing things to please you, obeying, and buying you what you want. This is to get your approvals and possibly the graces of sex. The more this becomes routine, and pleasing you is his only access to sex, the more submissive he becomes. The so called marriage papers and the act of doing so were nothing more than the signing and proof of ownership, to you the WIFE. This is all great for the vanilla woman (like you use to be) but the problem with a domesticated male is he becomes lazy, the sex is dull and quick (but quick is probably a good thing though) he still has the ability to argue or become unruly and your sex life suffers greatly. However, being a Mistress or Dominatrix has taken his domestication to a whole new level. The Mistress/Dominatrix women uses this power and defines it, making it stronger and him weaker. She is dominant, aggressive, and ruthless towards him. She doesn't just take control of his will, she breaks it to destroy the male part and create a submissive, a slave, a bitch. She doesn't suffer from lack of sex, she makes him suffer from continual tease and denial and never an orgasm. She embraces her sexuality and the ability to have hot, erotic sex and mind blowing orgasms with whoever she wants, when ever she wants. She gives him strict rules, chores, and enforces them with severe punishments, especially for back talk, questioning, or disobeying. It is her commitment to getting what she wants that gets her what she wants. Her actions, demeanor,  attitude, punishments, humiliation and extremely active cuckolding dictate his submission level and willingness to obey.   

 Domestication doesn't happen to single males, you have to be owned via marriage (or long term relationship) having regular access to pussy. A dominant woman and the threat of loss of that pussy brings it out. They can be submissive, especially ones that were in a previous relationship where the female was very dominant. However,  in general single males are more less wild, and thus better sex partners or lovers. Not so much in the relationship sense though, there is a reason they are single. Men are very simple creatures, as you would expect from something meant to serve females. They really only require SEX, food and sleep to keep them happy, with sex being the majority part of that. It is a proven fact, through study after study; Males think about sex  most of the day and a males main goal is to deposit his semen, he has a biological urge to do so. While he may get some weak pleasure from the act of sex, it is the climax of ejaculating sperm into a pussy that yields 95% of his pleasure. This climax is relatively felt the same no matter the pussy.  So any pussy will do, thus why a male is turned on visually. It is very different for a woman, as you know. We enjoy the act of sex and the building of the orgasm as well as the intensity of the orgasm. We enjoy sex as a whole and as such the difference in size and shape gives of various types of pleasure, with regards to the bigger and thicker the cock the better the sex and the orgasm. So by definition not just any cock will do. We were meant to have a variety to have the best sexual experiences, not just one small or less than average cock. This is why they make so many types and sizes of dildo's for women and why most of the sex toys are for women. There may be several manufactures of pocket pussy's but the hole is all the same with the only factor of being which one feels more real. Pussy toys only try to mimic the feel and sensation of the real thing, while some cock toys try to mimic the same, most (even life like cocks) are made to pleasure a woman by SIZE, THICKNESS, including, TEXTURE, HUMPS, GROVES, RIDGES, or what ever. We were meant to experience different kinds of sex. This is the best part and the main reason women choose to be a Dom and take their rightful place as the authority and queen, to fuck whom ever you want when ever you want. You should always be actively searching, flirting, dating, and fucking.....Every thing else with the lifestyle is just a bonus!   

Sunday, December 31, 2017

**Sissy-Bitch training

                                                        SISSY BITCH TRAINING
                                                                                                                          Updated 12/2017

What is a sissy bitch? A sissy is a feminized male submissive that has been striped of his manhood and trained to please and submit to cock. How do I train him to become a sissy? By being a dominant and cruel mistress who punishes for EVERY failure, disobedience, broken rule, and back talk (which as a Dom, you should be anyway). Also by reprogramming his brain, feminizing him, emasculating him, and taking away his manhood. Whats in it for me? Well, besides ultimate power, excitement, fun and being really turned on. Owning a male with no interest of other females and is completely dependent on you for pleasure. Also complete power over everything and him, with having a completely submissive male devoted to your power and pleasure. Whats in it for him? like it matters HA, HA, HA!!

Having a sissy is the ultimate kind of power for a mistress. Much like having a bitch but more so, it takes him to the extreme dedication and submission of your authority. However it requires serious training and commitment from you, and truly wanting your bitch to serve and obey you 24/7. This is not a part time training as it will fail if you don't put in 100% every day to its completion. This training is psychological, mind controlling, and it will emasculate and strip away his manhood. As such, it is detrimental to his masculinity, there is no going back once he has been turned sissy. He may further loose the ability to maintain erection, if at all. Depending on his dick size now (5 inches or less) his cock may shrink beyond any real ability to have conventional sex and It will also recondition his mind to need and crave cock. He will still be able to be aroused by the female body, sight and smell of pussy, but he will loose his will to have sex with other females, and he will be terrified of the thought to do so and satisfy pussy.....He will be completely dependent on you for his pleasure and direction of said pleasure. While the desire for pussy will always be there (its in his DNA), it will be buried deep and hidden by his permitted pleasure, cock. Ultimately you will be replacing that desire, for cock, and he will submit to cock, crave it, and beg you for it (NONE of all this matters if you want total power, truly don't want his dicklet for sex, or him interested in other women). His submission to you will deepen greatly as the only provider of pleasure, and as such will loose all interest in other women as they can't offer him what he desires, plus he has the fear and humiliation of not being able to satisfy them.

Sissy training is real and the most rewarding training with endless possibilities, excitement and pleasure for the women who desire extreme power, permanent cuckolding, and the kinkier side of Femdom. All of the women who pursue sissifying their bitch want the highest level of servitude and submission from him and believe in complete and total submission 24/7-365. They truly believe the bitch's only purpose is SERVING and OBEYING, with complete denial and permanent loss of her pussy including seeing, touching, and smelling. These women continually date and also find short/long term boyfriends to completely replace him sexually and intimately. They are also really pleased and aroused by the entertainment, excitement and power side of it as well. These women also believe there is no need or want to touch his tiny little clit dick and will keep it permanently locked in chastity keeping focus on his pussy.

You do not want your bitch to read this or know your plans of turning him sissy. You may humiliate him about pleasing cock real or not, but for now refrain from telling him it will be his permanent job. While it is a very erotic and thrilling pleasure for you to create and watch a cock loving sissy slut, and hold that power over him, it is very humiliating to kneel and beg another man to suck his cock and get fucked by him. Because of this he will resist and try to fight it causing a longer harder training process. The over production of hormones and chemicals in his brain along with the hormones you provide will keep him oblivious to what is actually happening until its to late, and by then he will be helplessly dependent and addicted to cock. During this time you need to train EVERY day, be very dominant, and punish severely for rule braking, not obeying, and back talk. YOU MUST FOLLOW THESE STEPS EXACTLY AND REREAD AS NECESSARY, keep this manual put up and refer to it often during the process. Wearing a chastity 24/7 is a must and only removed for training. I will also assume you have trained him in the past, and/or currently for at least the past 2-3 weeks and that he has not had an orgasm or pussy for at least 2-3 weeks. Past training or current training will help speed up the process, you will be the judge by his actions, desire and submission level to proceed to the next step.

Emasculating him is done in several steps;
1st step - If you haven't done so already, you will take pussy completely away (no seeing, no touching, no smelling) even seeing you in panties should be rare if at all. It is however OK for him to see your breast and actually more arousing to be topless during training. If your not already, your going to make him lick all of his precum and cum if/when milked, (do it in humiliating ways if possible) this is always his job and it is mandatory. You will also shave off all his pubic hair and hair you don't want, this could be nipple and/or chest hair, leg hair, what ever turns you on, but at least all pubic hair. This is the start of stripping away his manhood. You should do it the first time and then make him maintain it. Humiliate him about only a real man has hair, and gets to see pussy.

2nd step - This is done with steps 1 to 5 and they require 10 days of training - During training your going to penetrate his ass with your fingers and toys, if you already do this great, but now you will do it every time and spend a lot of your arousal time doing so. However at this point it is important to start off with penis arousal first, then go to prostate arousal. Remember this play can force him to cum easily so watch closely and feel for penis spasms. If they start immediately stop all sensation and give time to recover (min 20 seconds).  To prevent orgasm, penis stimulation is very minimal during prostate arousal. *Remember to humiliate*

3rd step - After he is use to the pleasures of prostate arousal (usually a few days) you will peg him. Use a 7.5 inch fairly thick dildo, and start off by penis arousal, then prostate arousal, leading to fucking him. *note; If he has already been pegged then step 2 would have him begging for your cock, either way, give it to him and fuck him good and hard for at least 45 minutes. This is important to give him long pleasure as you want him to love it and crave it. You want the pleasure to over ride the humiliation to the point he can't help but moan and want more of it. You want him to feel that the cock is forcing his pleasure and that he can't resist it. He needs to feel that helplessness to submit to the cock properly so give him a long, good and hard fucking *Humiliate and read my pegging section for details about pegging him correctly*

4th step - During training and through out steps 2 and 3 you should have humiliated him, and laughed at him about his tiny dick. This step is about emasculating him further and extreme humiliation. NOW you will rename his penis to Dicklet, Clitty, Tiny, little Pee-Pee, stubby, inch worm, dickless, or what ever you choose that sound appealing. You will humiliate the fact that he is not a man, he is a bitch with a pathetic (your name for his dick), that you don't ever want sex with him, and want to lock it away for good. Its puny and he can't keep it hard or last. Let him know other women would laugh at his cock size, and they would never want to fuck anything that small. Tell him he will never have anything to do with pussy, and will never cum again (refer that bitches don't get to cum they get sissygasms) AT this point he should be watching or have watched you have sex in the past. Now you will make him clean up cum from your lover, by being blinded folded and tied down to drip it directly into his mouth from your pussy (if your lover fucks you bare back), or from the panties you wore if away from the house, or from the condom he used. You would or should be fucking him with your dildo directly after he cleans up the mess to look at your pleasure and sex as his reward (which will help when you lock clitty away for good and stop fucking him for a week or long even though you may be fucking daily). You will laugh at him as he moans from being fingered and fucked, and then humiliating him that he is a bitch for it, remind him that its cock giving him that pleasure. Remind him to beg you for it and thank you. Humiliation is very important in breaking him and striping his manhood, as well as maintaining submission, so you need to be creative, cruel and relentless with it. Now is also the time you punish him for his small cock, use only canes and be serious about how selfish he was to get pussy and give nothing in return. Whip him hard and long, you want this felt and marks seen for at least a week, and you want him to believe you are dissatisfied with his pathetic dicklet. Remember to degrade him about not being a man, and never having anything to do with pussy. Laugh about him loving cock and wanting it for pleasure, tell him only SISSIES want cock. Remind him that his place is serving and obeying nothing else.

5th step - This is done on day 8 step 2 training time - During steps 2, 3, and 4 you will also humiliate him and degrade his man hood through out the day via texting or phone conversations, and more so in person, especially during training. This will be about him being a bitch with a tiny dicklet, that he can't keep it hard or last, that he will only get your big cock for pleasure from now on, that he sounds like a bitch when he moans, that he is not a man, that you don't even want to touch his tiny dicklet ever again, that he can't please women, any women and they would laugh at his tiny worm etc. This step is about feminizing him and deepening his desire for cock. You should have been having him kneel and beg to serve you multiple times a day, and also thank you for that privilege. Now you will make him grovel at your feet admitting and telling you he is your bitch, that he loves cock and will obey his mistress to have it. Make him recite your rules (punish if wrong after worshiping your feet) and then have him worship your feet. You will also humiliate him about you wanting bigger cock, a real man, and you will actively search for one letting him know you are. You should be cuckolding him regularly, but you will talk to men and flirt with them in his presence, telling him to go to the car or to a chair or corner (explain he is a friend from work or a brother). DURING this step you will also start feminizing him by forcing him to wear sissy panties 24/7 under his clothes. You will take all of his underwear away and box them up putting his panties in the drawers. You will pick them out, make them feminine and try to buy them with crotch-less or no ass as he will eventually wear them during training and when getting fucked by real cock. It is very important that through out the day and especially during training, you make him tell you and acknowledge he's your bitch, he has a pathetic dicklet, he loves cock, will serve cock, can't please women, that he wants you to to get big cock and replace him sexually, etc. This is also the step that you show him the difference in cock size and pleasure related to bigger cock, thus deepening his desire for big cock. You will buy a bigger, thicker cock (8.5 inches or more and thick) and after the proper steps as described above, fuck him long and hard making him acknowledge the bigger cock is giving him better pleasure. humiliate him, make him admit to only wanting that cock from now on and laugh about it, degrade him and bring out the sissy your creating. All of this is humiliation and very important for emasculating him and creating the sissy cock loving slut you want.

6th step -  5 training days long, done on the 10th day of step 2 - You will start putting on your strap-on prior to training and wear it during the entire time of training. You want him use to seeing your cock, not your pussy. You want his focus to be on cock not pussy and his sex to deal with cock only. You want him thinking about your cock the entire time your training and eventually through the entire day (he remembers the pleasure your big cock gives and he knows its the only pleasure he gets so he will be wondering if your going to allow him the privilege of getting it). You want him to crave it, to submit to it, to sincerely beg for it and do anything to have it. As such he will begin every training session sucking it for you, to please it, to be worthy of having it. You will humiliate him about learning to suck cock from now on and pleasing it. You may even humiliate him about finding him a real cock to suck or get fucked by. Laugh at him and remind him he is not a man, he is a bitch on his knee's pleasing cock, where he should be, and thats where you want him to be. Tell him you can't wait till he is pleasing the real thing and continue to humiliate him and laugh while he sucks it.  You will have him suck it for a minimal of 5-10 min. and humiliate him the whole time. Grab the back of his head and force it to the back of his throat. Make sure you let him know that begging for and sucking your cock is the only way he will get fucked by it from now on. This is the respectful way to be allowed that privilege. After he is finished to your liking you will continue with normal training as described in above steps. When your ready, and he has begged properly, For now you will fuck him with it for a few days longer. This step is about Feminizing him more by referring to his ass as a pussy, if you already do, great but from now on it will only be referred to as a pussy and make him address it as such. Also his mouth will now be called a cock pleaser, and referred to as such from now on (failure is a sever punishable offence). By now you should be actively making him admit he loves cock but don't be specific about your cock, just loving cock as you don't want him to only be at ease with wanting your cock, you want him craving all cock, what ever cock you force in his face. Remember to humiliate him as much as possible, make him grovel and worship your feet, and cane him on occasion for his small dicklet (not as bad as the first time but felt).

7th step - 12 days long - After following steps 1-6, today after working him up to begging for cock, you will not give him cock. You will reduce him from cock every day to every 3rd day for 12 days, and you will only fuck him after you put the chastity back on. Training will still be the same and you will still have him beg for it but telling him he won't get it until YOU decide (which is that 3rd day only). Tell him a sissy has to earn that privilege. This is when you will start having him suck your dildo several times during training in what ever way or position you desire. Remember to humiliate him and tell him "you like sucking and being fuck by that cock, don't you bitch", "that's a good little sissy pleasing that big cock for my pleasure", "your becoming a good little sissy bitch, sucking cock much better", "you want to please that cock don't you", "your pussy is probably soaking wet isn't it" Make him acknowledge it! You need to be creative on your own, these are the stages that he will submit and give ib to his desires to want cock, so be as cruel as you can with your own ideas as well. Also at this point you will further his feminizing and give him a girly name. You can turn his name girly like Tim to Tina, John to Janell, Tom to Tammy, Mike to Michelle, or just call him slut, sissy, or bitch...Your choice of course. This step, Step 7 also involves training his mind, and mind control with HYPNOSIS. You will begin HYPNOSIS training (This is the part you brain wash him to want what you want, and it really does work). For the first hypnosis session start after he is really aroused.  Bring an ipad, tablet, or computer in with you prior to training. Right before you start the hypnosis, it is crucial that you either put a used pair of panties over his head and nose to let him smell pussy and/or off your finger the whole time he watches the video. Your pussy contains various pheromones/hormones that are addicting and mind controlling, the most important one is called copulins. This one blocks his thought process allowing you (and the hypnotizing) to input your will as his own (look up pussy copulins on google for more info) and will help you brain wash him to what you want making the hypnosis very effective. Let him watch it for at least 10 minutes during training. You are already doing your part of brain training but hypnosis is a faster way, and the best way to use your copulins for full transformation to sissy bitch. All you need to do is make him watch it on video. You can pay this from various Dominatrix sites or get them for free from one of the popular free porn sites. I use and type in the search bar " SISSY HYPNOSIS COCK SUCKING" for hypnotizing him to suck cock, and type "SISSY HYPNOTIC SHEMALE" for hypnotizing him to want fucked (alternate the video's during each training night). If possible, have him watch these videos several times a day(head phones on if needed) for 3 days or 5 days if only watching during training's. You need to keep arousing him with prostate stimulation during the entire time he watches, but do not talk to him during the video.

8th step - 15 days long - Removing the last of his masculinity, this step is focused on feminizing him further and keeping him in chastity during training. By now you've trained hard, been very strict and punished severely for not obey rules, unruliness or not doing chores as needed or to your liking. You have humiliated and degraded him to a very submissive state, and hypnotize him to be a good cock loving and cock submissive sissy. He loves your cock and will do anything you say to have it. By now you have been actively cuckolding him or better have a full time boyfriend. In the past or up till now you allowed him to watch you fuck, however from this point on, you will no longer allow him that privilege until after he has sucked a real cock and/or been fucked by a real cock. However you will still have him clean up every time. Even after he gets real cock, watching you get fucked will be a reward and only every now and then (once or twice a month at most). Instead he is only allowed to listen, either by being blindfolded in the corner of the same room (better if sucking on your dildo), on the phone, or from a different room. However you will wait till step 9 to find him cock. If you fuck away from him and he is not able to listen, then it is imperative to tell him all about it when you return, while he is sucking your cock or your fucking him. He is to always suck your cock after you get fucked, but fucking him will only be every 3 days (at least until he gets real cock).  Now its time to begin permanent chastity. Begin by only taking off his chastity for training 3 times the first week, 2 times the second week, and none the third week leading to the 15th day, from that point you will not remove his chastity for training until after he gets real cock in some manner. For now you will only arouse his balls, electrical play, and prostate play and fucking every 3rd day. Up till now you have only ordered him to wear panties 24/7, but now you will make him wear pantyhose, and training bra's 24/7 under his clothes along with the panties (of course only if this is of interest to you, but I recommend trying it). You will also make him shop with you for these things (stores away from the house) making sure the assistand has knowledge the garments are for him (great humiliation and loss of masculinity). If your turned on by the thought of him wearing wigs, lingerie, and shoes, now is the time to get those and have him wear them during training. To start step 9, prep by making him watch one hypnosis video a day, do it at first during training, do it for the last 7 days of the 15 day training for this step..

9th step - do this 3 or 4 times - You are now over a month into sissy training, again you have been strict, dominant and relentless with humiliation, as well as hypnosis training. Its time to take him to the gay bar (or on line hook up like Craig's list) for his first real cock encounter AGE AND LOOKS DO NOT MATTER, this is humiliation for him and it is the experience that deepens his sissy. When you find someone on line or at the gay bar, you will want to tell this guy you are his dom/mistress and that he is your bitch. Tell him that your bitch wears a chastity 24/7 and is not allowed pussy or to cum. Tell him that your bitch is a virgin and this is his first experience (that usually gets bi or gay men aroused) let them know he will be in bondage for your pleasure and the added fun, while he is being used.  Tell him anything goes but he must wear condoms and the chastity stays on. you will want to find out if the guy is ok with your bitch serving him or just wants the sex. When playtime is happening, your bitch will be naked except the chastity, have him serve you drinks and go in to get into position waiting for you to enter, let the guest no your going to tie him down and then do so. Start out with him kneeling on the floor legs and hands cuffed behind back with a mouth spreader in (the first time is very hard even with training and this says he has no choice. OR put him on the bed in doggie style position with an anal hook in and nose clamp forcing his head back to suck cock, again a mouth spreader is in. Then go out and explain what you want and let him know how he will be tied down. You will both enter the room and start out with the guy getting undressed and going straight for his cock getting sucked. You've already told him your bitch has a mouth spreader in so he knows to force his cock into his mouth and start pumping. You will have your cane ready to order him to lick his cock as the mouth spreader only holds his mouth open and he will want maximum pleasure of the tongue. Smack his ass hard about 3 times telling to to suck that cock. If the guys is only there for a cock sucking, and doesn't cum after the first 5-10 minutes you may remove the mouth spreader and order him to suck his cock until he cums. remember to humiliate him and smack his ass with your cane the whole time. If he is fucking then after the cock sucking part is done, remove the mouth spreader after the guy mounts him. Again humiliate him and have him beg for that cock and tell you how much he loves it and is a sissy for it. let the guy cum(with condom on in his ass or where he wants) and make the sub suck him clean afterwards. Walk him to the door after clean up and then proceed to humiliate and degrade your sub. This would be a good time to blind fold the sub and get yourself off as you WILL be extremely aroused and horny, you may even find you play with yourself during the intense thrill of watching your power come to life. Then have him lick the dildo clean and clean up. Remember to humiliate him and tell him good sissy, refer that he better learn to suck cock better.

10th Step -  You are now on the last step to complete sissy training, its time to explore your fantasies, or the guys fantasies. After 3 times of your sissy playing, you no longer need the mouth spreader, It is highly recommended that you use your cane to smack his ass if there is hesitation. It is still necessary to bound or tie him down to get fucked. At this point you will stop fucking him and instead instruct him to ask for (the guys name) cock, tell him he will no longer get your cock until he learns to please him and must rely on serving and obey you, as well as pleasing his cock in order to get that reward. This is where you want him begging to him and you, to suck his cock and get fucked by it. humiliate him and be cruel with it, make him by condoms for the event. After a full 10 days of getting cock, your bitch will now be a fully submissive, cock loving sissy slut. Its time to start having him used regularly, Find him 3,4,5,6 guys to pleasure on a regular basis. You may also elect to have him go to serve them on date nights or weekends you spend with your boyfriend. Be creative and remember its all about what turns you on and pleases you, not him....The power is from what you do with it and his excitement is watching you be ruthless about it. Your sissy bitch will also be better sexually satisfied as anal sex for little cocks is far better than regular sex, especially if the female is not into it and he doesn't have the humiliation to preform and fail.     

The reason and appealing nature for a mistress to starting this kind of training! There is no power stronger, fulfilling, or more intoxicating than watching your bitch turn sissy and submit to cock or suck cock and get fucked at your command or orders, especially if your sex is involved.


OK, depending on where you are in training and how strict you are in his servitude and punishments, this sissy training could cause him to rebel, especially if not done correctly. To be honest you might even have a bit of reluctance from him no matter how strict and dominant you've been towards him so its best not to mention your full intentions. If he rebels, just stay firm, strict and turn up the bitch mode then hand out the punishments! After all you are going to begin "Training your sissy bitch" to be just that, YOUR SISSY BITCH! This sort of training involves you really pushing his limits and submission to the point that he is truly submissive, obedient, and terrified of you and your ability to punishment him severly! As your BITCH, you should be/ have been training him to shave all pubic hair, take your strap-on in the ass, maybe lick your ass while you get fucked and do some kind of clean up duty on you after you get fucked.  HOWEVER as your sissy bitch he would loose all pussy privileges and be trained to; obey your lover (his Master/ Sir), fluff (orally get him hard) your lover for you and re-fluff after he cums for rounds 2, 3 so on, insert your lovers cock in your pussy for you, give your lover a blow job (fully cumming in his mouth) on the days in the month you can't play (or just because), Clean up duty on both of you, Fucked in the ass by your lover, or whom ever you choose (condoms always) just for the humiliation of it or on the days of the month you can't play, used in ways to help you and your lover achieve maximum pleasure during sex (not just licking your ass but licking your feet, sucking your lovers balls while you ride him, licking your clit as you mount him reverse style or your lover fucks you dogie style, your lover switches from fucking your pussy to fucking him in the mouth, or what ever humiliating ways you can come up with). He will also be made to pick up males from gay bars or internet sites, wear sissy clothes: panties, stockings, skirts, dresses or what ever you decide and turns you on (panties full time under his clothes), maybe even made to put a kotex in his ass on the days of the month you need one, and for some mistresses even made to wear makeup and/or a wig the nights he is to be used. It all comes down to what turns you on and if your unsure, I would experiment and try different things. You'll be surprised at the power you feel, the fun you have and just what does really turn you on, remember its also about his humiliation!

Where do you start? Well first you going to need to get him far enough along in training (horniness level maintained fairly high and disciplined good enough to not back talk or question your orders)
that he excepts this. This will not happen over night but with strict enforcement of rules, punishments daily training, and pegging, in a few weeks he will be ready to start sissy training. When you do start his sissy training, you must put in 100% until it is completed, especially punishing severely for broken rules and not obeying. At the end you want his will broken, him completely emasculated and feminized, loving, craving, and completely submissive to cock.  You start off by emasculating and feminizing him. Heavy use of humiliation will also help break him down to except the transformation. Make him shave any hair you don't want on him, (always pubic hair) and wear sissy panties 24/7 (sissy panties are specially made for chastity devices and can be purchased online). You will also start wearing a strap on but not using it when you do normal training and punishments, this gets him use to a cock being present but in a non-threatening way and its psychologically going to build his acceptance. If you have done some sort of pegging or bitch training before, you can immediately start having him suck cock every training day, and skip him getting use to the strap on. After 2 or three days of wearing the strap on during training, you will start to include the dildo in your training. This is done by having him knell (hands cuffed behind him) at your feet with it on, now he is submitting to your cock not your pussy in panties, thus now he is serving your cock and not your pussy (psychologically and physically you will be replacing everything to do with your pussy and him wanting it, to him now serving and wanting your cock) While he is knelling in front of you, start humiliating him about how much bigger it is than him and how this cock actually pleases women. Your also going to need to pick out a girly name for him, or just simply call him bitch, this will be the only thing you call him from now on. As you humiliate him your going to place a mouth spreader device on him and then your going to tell him in a firm demanding voice that he is going to start serving your cock and that from now on he is going to be your little sissy bitch. Furthermore he will suck your cock on demand or be severely punished, you will explain that he has no choice in the matter that for the next few days your going to prove that to him by making him wear the mouth spreader during training and force it in his mouth anyway (and during training you will from time to time put it in his mouth demanding he suck it like a good little bitch) . As you force your cock into his mouth (don't go to deep as you don't want to gag him) tell him he will obey and suck it willingly, and suck it like he loves it, like sucking it pleases his mouth....This is the way he will please you sexually from now on and that his ability to please you this way and show he really wants to please your cock will keep his ass from being welted and bruised, greatly helping him in the weeks to come. After fucking his mouth for a few minutes (make sure you treated him just like a sissy and grabbed his head/hair forcing it into his mouth) and he has slobbered all over his mouth and your cock, you will take it out. At this point take some time to do a few things you want to him, things you would normally do in a training session. After 15-20 min of that its time you tie him up doggy style, make sure he is good and tight. Get him hard and then use your finger on his prostate. When he is good and worked up( babbling like a good little bitch) your going to fuck him in the ass, and humiliate him that this is the only way he will receive pleasure from now on and only after he has been a good little sissy bitch and has begged properly for the privilege.(Soon he will always be in his chastity when you fuck him). Eventually by taking pussy away from him and switching the pleasure he gets from his cock to his ass, he will be begging you to be your little sissy bitch. *note Start off with a 7.5 inch dildo* you may already have him begging for cock through pegging if so skip the getting him use to cock part. Whats important is replacing pussy completely and having him submit to, suck, and fuck your dildo, and then real cock.

The first time or 2 of fucking him you probably won't see a significant change but by the 3rd or 4th time you should see a noticeable more submissive side to your cock fucking him. Especially after you've been fucking him for a few minutes. Eventually after going with out pussy or an orgasm for a while he will completely submit to your cock in his ass to the point he is moaning to your pumps in him, backing up on it, begging you not to stop and babbling many things that could range from how he wants you to fuck him from now on and be your little bitch, to how much he wants to serve your cock and loves it. WHEN he does this your going to want to lead him and make him really want this. To do this you will make him tell you he loves your cock, make him tell you he wants to be your little sissy bitch from now on and ask him who's bitch he is? Make him really open up and crave it, have him beg you not to stop, have him tell you that he will suck your lovers cock or who evers cock you tell him. Don't be shy about this, fuck him good and pull his hair and smack his ass hard enough to leave hand prints, and do it over and over to redden up his ass (remember this is his sissy bitch transformation and you want to treat him just like that). While he is in this state use your imagination and let loose on him. (eventually after a month or so of no pussy contact, strict discipline, and the occasional fucking from you, he really will crave and be cock whipped). After 2 weeks from the day you start fucking him and treating him like your little sissy bitch your going to go a full week (7 days) of not fucking him but still giving him prostate stimulation by hand or toy and still wearing your strap on in every training session with him sucking it on occasion. This way it's always on his mind. On the 7th day start off with your normal training then after he is all worked up your going to give him the chance to show just how much he wants to please your cock and maybe get to have your cock in his pussy. Have him knell and beg to suck you cock, after he does allow him to suck it, but no matter how good he does tell him "he must not want cock bad enough because he's not doing a very good job", then take your crop and smack his ass hard saying suck my cock like you want it and continue to whack him while he sucks it. After a few minutes pull it away from him telling him it's not good enough he can do better and he won't be getting cock today, but you will give him one more chance in a few days. In 2 days repeat, this time you want to use a bigger dildo 8.5 inches and thick, humiliate him and while fucking his mouth really smacking his ass hard with the crop (you will notice a difference in how much he really wants your cock). When you feel he has pleased you enough your going to tie him down doggy style telling him to beg you for your cock, again leading him to tell you who's bitch he is, that he will suck who's cock you tell him and that he serves your cock from now on to never bring up, ask for, or have anything to do with your pussy ever again or be severely punished. Once he agrees lube his ass and tell him he better show you how much he enjoys the privilege of getting your cock by moaning and screaming like the little sissy bitch he is. By now he should always be in his chastity when you fuck him....give it to him good, fast and hard, pulling hair, spreading his ass cheeks, spitting on his pussy, smacking his ass very hard. You want to treat him and make him feel like a submissive cock loving sissy, so  fuck him long and hard. Make sure you always have a dish beneath his chastity to catch the dripping precum and also when you milk him, then have him lick it off as you humiliate him and cane his ass. Remember earlier how I said his ability to show you that really he wants to please your cock will help him in weeks to come, we'll from this point on you will only give him cock after he has sucked your cock to your satisfaction, and even then only after you have been fucked several times. Later after months of not getting an orgasm, or released from his chastity, and nothing to do with pussy (except the rare tease with cum or smell) plus not getting your cock until after you have been fucked 2, 3, or 4, times, He will really become cock whipped and do practically anything to have it, he may even cry when you deny him the privilege of getting fuck by it. If he does, great don't let him have it...You are doing a great job!  Let's not waste this and really tease and humiliate him, letting him know as you smile and laugh that seeing him cry like a little sissy turns you on and he better get use to only getting cock when he really deserves it. Let him know what you really want from him from now on, to earn your cock....Be sure to let him know that nothing puts you in the mood to fuck him, like getting big cock from your lover or boyfriend and coming home to a spotless house. 

At this point its time to start looking for a suitable lover that can fit the bull position, or learn to be a 
bull. He should be open minded, or maybe even Bi/ bi-curious, so he is more willing or even excited
to be serviced by your Bitch. He should also be OK with/or even  turned on by being your bitches 
"MASTER" thus ordering him to serve you and or him in what ever ways the two of you see fit. At the same time there is no reason to waste his ultimate submission, start looking for Bi or gay men to use him. LOOKS don't matter, their purpose is to have him suck them and fuck him (condoms always), he needs the experience and humilliation of being fucked by real cock, forced to admit he loves it, wants it, needs it! They will not be there for your sexual needs (unless you want to join) but try to find an above average (more than 6.5 inches) cock if possible. Once you have the lover/'s and/or users picked out you would then discuss your plans/scenarios that you would like to take place, go over the do's and don'ts, answer and ask any questions you have. Let new master/Bull or user know his roll a head of time, as in, is he a lover for you to fuck as we'll or just a master for you sissy to service and serve, or just there to use your sissy. When it's time for play no matter the persons roll,  Don't be shy, or afraid to do what you want, what you want him to do or what you want done to him or sissy. This is about what turns you on as well as his humiliation. All men are turned on by a women in control, especially if she is firm, demanding and flaunts it. You could even ask the new guy for his ideas and/or maybe just let him take control the first few times or until you want it.

No matter if this new user, Master/Sir is just for your sissy bitch or he is someone you also want to play with (making him a lover) you'll want to start off by having your sissy waiting in another room while you greet his master and bring him to a place to sit with you or near you depending on his roll there. If he is not a lover then you should sit with a little distance between you. After a few minutes of talking and the user, or master is ready call for your sissy to come knell in his place. (he should be naked with his chastity on) You will introduce the man as his new master or user,  and if also a lover let sissy know that as well. Tell your bitch to fetch you both drinks and towels for later. Make sure he knells at your feet before giving you the drinks. Snap your fingers and be demanding! When you and the man are ready leash your bitch and walk him to the play room on his knees. When you get to the room place your sissy where he needs to be (start off blind folded and kneeling with hands cuffed behind him, and for the first time use your mouth spreader device as the real cock is much more humiliating and difficult to suck) from here the man's role of master, user, or lover plays a big part. If he is a lover you two would start making out and taking off each other's clothes before you get to the real point of the master/lover being there, if not a lover then the next step, directly to the point. The master removes  his cloths and you tell your sissy he is going to suck his cock hard for you. The master will put his cock into the sissy's forced open mouth and begin to fuck his mouth because the mouth spreader will keep sissy from truly sucking his cock, fucking his mouth is necessary this first time. You will have your crop smacking his ass hard telling him to suck his fucking cock like a good little bitch and use his tongue, use a firm loud voice. After 6/7 smacks your going to lube sissy's ass and slowly work in a butt plug or toy to get him worked up and loose. Once the guy is good and hard it's time to move on to the next step. Again the guys roll determines that. If he is a lover then you will remove the mouth spreader (it would be good to have the bitch wearing a butt plug strap to keep it from falling out), then proceed to the bed for a good fucking, doing the steps along the way to have sissy bitch in position to please both of you. Once you 2 are done fucking, its time to put sissy in his place to get fucked and remove the butt plug (make sure the master treats him like a sissy bitch smacking his ass and making sissy tell him he loves his cock along with any other humiliating things you discuss with him to say). If he is just a master then you would skip the having sex part and proceed to training him with the master, if he is a user then skip the training step and go to the user step. MASTER STEP* Start off by getting sissy good and horny, rub his cage and balls while you tell him how tiny and useless it is. Also use a prostate vibrator and suck on his nipples and ears to boost his horniness level. during this time you will use verbal humiliation, tie him down in humiliating positions, and have the master put his cock in sissy's mouth from time to time (the mouth spreader would have been left in) Next you will remove your clothes except for your panties (and bra if uncomfortable) put on your strap-on, then you will proceed to the corporal side of training. You will do everything from CBT (cock and ball torture) to spanking him with the crop, paddle, flogger and cane including nipple clamps, electro shock, and candle wax burning (if you have these). When doing all this make sure the master does his part (what ever you guys have discussed during the first meeting or conversations by texting or over the phone, and/or when he first arrives before you call sissy in). Sissy should still be blind folded and make sure the spankings are fairly hard and range from one hitters to fast multiple hits (10 in a row), and humiliate him during this time. Make sure you tell him he is going to take the masters cock deep and please it or be severely punished. Once you have had your fun and you feel sissy is ready then you would put sissy in his position to get fucked (your or masters choose of position not the sissy's) and tie him down. Remove the butt plug and harness and do as described above. Have the master start out with a slow insert (condom on and lots of lube), and a slow fuck gradually building speed and pounding. during this time be sure to give sissy humiliation and smacks to the ass, then proceed to have sissy suck on your strap-on cock and tell him to do a good job sucking it like a good little bitch. After the master is done or sissy cant take anymore cock, (which ever comes first but if sissy can't take it anymore then the lover should jack off and cum on his ass or face at your discretion) then sissy is untied and told to clean up then take his place again kneeling and serving both of you in what way you see fit. USER STEP* After the user is good and hard and ready to fuck, put sissy in his place to get fucked and tie him down. put on your strap on and grab your crop. User must always wear a condom and lube up, then start out slow and build to fucking hard and fast. During this entire time you will be humiliating him about his new role, being used from now on and eventually sucking cock on command. humiliate him about being a sissy bitch from now on and that he will eventually beg you for this privilege, tell him you want to hear him moan and scream like a good little bitch. Keep humiliating him as you force your cock through the mouth spreader and command him to suck your cock while he gets fucked by the user, smack his back with the crop from time to time. This would also be a good time to use your finger and let him smell how aroused and turned on you are by watching him being used, the smell of pussy will force him over the submission thresh hold, to complete sissy bitch especially since he can't help but start to love the feeling of that real cock building him to sissygasm. After about 10 minutes you will switch positions with the user, have him remove the condom and fuck his mouth while you fuck sissie's ass good and hard, then switch back with the user putting on a new condom. The user is going to cum inside the condom while he fucks the sissy, then discard it on the floor for sissy to clean up. Allow him to clean up and walk him out setting up another date or a time to call him for another date. When you come back you may begin again to fuck sissy or what ever fun you want.

No matter the role of the man use your own ideas, humiliation, and positions, and after 3 or 4 times of forced oral, you may choose to not use the mouth spreader. Remember, this as with anything is about your pleasure, excitement, entertainment and fun. He is only permitted this by you, even if he does't know he wants and needs this from now on. In time he will love the real cock fucking him and become cock whipped as it will be the only time he gets pleasure. You need to have several regular men (5,6,7) to use him, have him used at least 3-4 times per month. You should find at least male out of them you trust, so that you can drop the sissy off at, for chores, repairs, cleaning and/or sexual service while you go get fucked. This is especially useful on long day, or spending the nigh and/or weekend with your Boyfriend or Bull/lover. 

MASTER NOTE*When its time for the master to go, leave sissy on his knees in the play room and walk out the master. The blind fold should still be on sissy and not have been removed at all during the masters stay (you will have your sissy blind folded right before every play session with the master and most every time you get fucked). For the first few times 3 or 4 of the master coming over (after he leaves) you will tie sissy up laying down and remove his chastity. Then you will get his little dick hard and keep him on the edge until you feel like putting it back away. During this time make sure you humiliate him and tell him this is his new place from now on.Then you will lock it back away and release him to take his place kneeling at your feet where you will inform him that this is the only sex he will have from now on and humiliate him about it, making sure you have him thank you for that privilege, have him worship your feet and/or ass. After his break in period (the first 3 or 4 times) you will not be removing his chastity instead you will come through the door after walking out the master (and still have nothing on but your panties) and while he is kneeling in his place you tell him how good of a little bitch he was and again informing him this is the way it's going to be from now on. Tell him how well he has pleased you and tell him that he's going to get a reward for being a good little sissy bitch by allowing him to put his nose in your crotch to smell your pussy ( but only for a minute or two). This may be a reward for him as he has done good but it also serves another purpose, it allows him to smell your sweat freshly fucked pussy (if the master is also a lover) allowing the hormones you secrete to do their job and subconsciously deepen is submission and craving of you getting fucked which will also cause him to crave being fucked. Even if he was just a master not a lover, he would still smell the hormones from how horny you got just by watching him get used like a little sissy bitch. If the master is not a lover you may also want to take the time and relieve the sexual build up from watching sissy get used by having sissy hold a dildo in his mouth while you fuck it or have sissy wear a strap-on while you ride him.

Remember, you should be looking for men that are more open to your fun, bi or gay men are more likely to play or fuck him. You can find them at gay bars, gay or fetish web sites, or Craig's list. A lot of this has been gone over in other topics, please be sure to read all of them for more ideas as well as gaining more experience.... As always explore, have fun, and do what pleases you!

Sissy explained
Turning him sissy is not something that happens over night, it involves several weeks to months of hard, correct training. It is a specific and special kind of training that forces him mentally and physically to need and crave cock. It is much more fulfilling, intense and gratifying than just having a bitch and cuckolding him. It is done by psychologically and physically replacing his desire and need for pussy to cock but with a much more intensity. It is much more intense because with an orgasm in pussy the brain releases counter reacting chemicals that says he is finished, acheived the goal so to speak. When he cum's/ orgasms anally that is not released thus building the nee and desire for pleasure. ,  It involves mind control and brain washing. First by build up of his natural chemicals, a cocktail of hormones and proteins that in small amount create a drive to want sex, however in large amounts cause submissive behavior, which is used to make him submissive to pussy and crave cuckolding. These are created in his testicles and prostate, however the key chemicals for changing and replacing sexual desire are only secreted during repeated prostate sex, ideally through big cock penetration. But for these chemicals to work correctly and complete the transformation, the male must not have access to pussy, or an orgasm for 3-4 weeks. It also involves your pheromones called copulins to trick his brain into believing this is the only sex he needs and desires. The process is further helped and quickened by hypnotizing the male through subliminal messages, via picture and/or voice, on video that subconsciously forces him to want, need, believe he is a sissy and loves cock. The best video's are ones that talk or flash words to describe him wanting cock, loving cock, sucking it, being fucked by it, thinking about it, submitting to it etc. Also that his cock is tiny, can't please women, and was built to be a sissy. It is however only about the cock and not who's giving it, (why looks don't matter) meaning this doesn't make him gay as he would never want to date a man or be intimate with him, his DNA can't be over written. It can be focused on dildo cock, real cock or both or if wanting him to mainly crave or only crave real cock or sex with other men. FACTS; Most all sissies have small cocks, around 5 inches or less. During conversion, all sissies would prefer cock over sex with other females (not his mistress) as the humiliation of small cock, performance, and being unable to maintain erection is to much to handle. After conversion, they prefer cock over all pussy and loose interest in other females. They have accepted that they can't give any pleasure to anyone, and that the pleasure of the cock is more intense, powerful, longer lasting and they can have sex for as long as the penis is hard, enjoying pleasure far longer than the quick penis orgasm they were once permitted. They are still turned on by the sight of a naked female body, and make them feel weak and submissive to it, especially that of his mistress. however have no instinct or desire to act in normal sex as it would have a reverse action actually causing them to crave cock more (why strip clubs/lap dances help to depend his desire for cock).

If you have any questions email me at             

Saturday, November 11, 2017

The Black and White of cuckolding


Cuckolding for most women is the epitome of female domination. That is to say it is the focus or prime reason most Dominatrix or Mistresses live this lifestyle. There is an alluring, thrilling and intoxicating feeling you get, when you meet an attractive man and have erotic, passionate, mind blowing sex, especially with the freedom to date him. It feels euphoric, completes you, and fulfills that deep feminine desire, the same one that makes you wet every time you think about sex with him. It is power of owning a submissive male to serve and obey you, and having an alpha male to please you sexually that gives you the feeling of being blissfully complete and utter happiness. Sure its a real turn on, sexually empowering, and extremely satisfying to be a Dom with a bitch kneeling at you feet, obeying and serving you. Doing all the chores, cleaning, picking up after you, running errands....What ever you command and all with out back talk, arguing, or even input. Not to mention the freedom to do what ever, when ever you want and spoil yourself with shopping, hair and nails, or what ever you desire. Then there is the added fun of humiliation, and inflicting pain or torment for your amusement. What could be better than owning a bitch, right? As fulfilling and exciting that all this is, and it truly is, this is just the prelude and benefits of CUCKOLDING, of course you have to train him first. Why have all this power, I mean whats the use of having a bitch if your not sexually satisfied, or even worse sexually frustrated from small cock and 5 minute sex. Leaving you with only big dildo toys, masturbation, or his oral service to have pleasure. Lets face it, getting yourself off will only get you by for so long and his tongue does very little for satisfaction when you need the feeling of deep penetration and thickness. That big dildo you love is OK for now, but it is nothing like having the real thing and will eventually lead you to wanting the real thing even more!

No more of his little dicklet, his selfishness of being the only one to have a great orgasm or enjoying sex, no more of you having to masturbate or use toys. There should be no reason your not enjoying your full power, the benefits of having a bitch at your feet, and getting fucked by those big cocks you crave and think about. Those cocks that have the ability to bring you multiple powerful orgasms, to please a women the way she deserves and was meant to. That's the beauty of it, by dating and fucking who you want when you want, your going to make your bitch even more submissive and want to serve you even more! You can have as many as you want as often as you want and you don't have to lie, cheat, or sneak around. Your going to do it openly and even in front of him and humiliate him about it. Your going to deny him sex, lock away his dicklet, and treat him like the pathetic little dicklet bitch he is and fuck who you want, when you want. Thus you will create that submissive cock loving bitch as a bonus to getting what you really want and deserve. To bring out the bitch, your going to fuck him with the very same dildo you were forced to fuck for pleasure. Soon he will be begging for it and dependent on it for pleasure, talk about irony right! He will beg you to go get all the big cock you want, and be extremely turned on by you doing so. He will be the bitch you want and best of all, there is nothing he can do to stop it, change it, or resist it. Whats more is he will beg to serve you, obey, worship your feet and ass, plus feel and believe this is his place and what he's meant for. If you really want to see a bitch, wait till you take a bull or even a boyfriend full time, fucking 4,5,6 nights a week and he is completely denied pussy and anything to do with it. That's when you can use the proper training and turn him into a sissy bitch.   

Cuckolding is the ultimate power and completion to being a Mistress. This is having your cake and eating it too. Why wouldn't it be, women truly were built for sex and pleasure just as much as they were for ruling over their bitch. Women experience great pleasure from penetration and it builds to the climax/orgasm. We can have various types of pleasure and orgasms, and we are the only ones with a sex organ (clit) designated solely for pleasure. We can have multiple orgasms and experience greater longer pleasure and orgasms. Plus we are the only ones that experience sex solely for pleasure, as biologically we gain nothing form the experience except that said pleasure. While a mans purpose to have sex is the deposit of semen and he experiences the majority of pleasure from the orgasm that is meant to force muscle contractions to expel the semen. Meaning the only reason he even has a weak orgasm is to ejaculate and deposit semen.

Being a Dominatrix is not complete with out having the best erotic, most thrilling and passionate sex you deserve and need, to feel complete. And nothing is better than coming home to a spotless house after a date night with your boyfriend, after which(like every sex night) you got the pounding of your life. Having trained your bitch to kneel at the door for you. Taking off your shoes, worshiping and licking your feet, and told to fetch you a drink, then meeting you in the bed room to knell at the bed. Where you've got undressed and put on a fresh pair of panties as the used ones have a greater purpose. You humiliate him, and tell him how pathetic he is, how he isn't a man, he's your bitch with a clitty and he should be grateful that you allow him the privilege of serving you. This is the third time this week you went to get fucked and its only Thursday, and you are extremely pleased and happy, but you are cruel to him and treat him just like the bitch he is. He has only one purpose to you, and that's all you want him for, being your bitch.....Serving, obey, and handing over his pay. You always speak in a firm demanding voice and punish him severely for ANY rule breaking, this keeps him very obedient. You love to be a cruel bitch, humiliating, and degrading him, it turns you on and you know it makes him weak, very submissive, and scared of you. You know he needs that, he needs you to be cruel, demanding, and aggressive with him to be the best bitch he can. He needs a strict, ruthless, punishing mistress to follow your rules and beg you to get the very cock that helps keep him in his place. This keeps him focused on his submission to you and is a constant reassurance that this is his place and he is grateful to be there. You order him to take his usual place lying on the floor (he is never allowed in your bed) hands under his back. You place the blind fold on him and then straddle him just inches from his face pulling your panties aside to squeeze out the cum into his open mouth. You even reach in with your finger to get every last drop and force it into his mouth. He is repulsed by it and very humiliated, but knows the punishment for resisting is far more sever than the humiliation of cleaning the cum left by your boyfriend. You are turned on by the power you feel, and that he truly is your bitch, there to serve and do as he is told while you do as you please. You order him saying," lick every fucking drop off my fingers bitch" and then tell him to open wide as you move to spit in his mouth saying "you can wash it down with that". You get up and fix your panties, then you remove the blind fold and sit on the edge of the bed as you say in a very firm voice "TAKE YOUR FUCKING PLACE BITCH" and he quickly gets up to his knees. You order him to rub your feet as you put the used panties over his head resting at his nose so that your pheromones (copulins) can do their job and help take control of his mind. You tell him about how well you just got fucked, how much you truly love your boyfriends big cock and how it reaches places he can't. His cock straining in his chastity to get hard as he hears how much better it was, that all of your orgasms with his pathetic little clitty, couldn't even equal one of his. You tell him that you never want his pathetic clitty again and that you are locking it away for good. You truly don't want it, you don't even want to touch it or waste you time with it, mostly because it is worthless to you, but also because you know his locked clitty is key to getting the cock you love and deserve. At the same time the aroma cocktail of pheromones, pussy and cum is intoxicating and hypnotizing him, creating a vivid picture of the sex you had, the sex you loved, in his mind that is arousing yet so humiliating that he all he can do is knell and beg to be your bitch.

 At this point he is weak and completely submissive, he wants so bad to to serve you and be your bitch, he wants nothing more than to be your bitch from now on. But even worse and humiliating, he wants to feel your thick cock pounding him into submission. Getting pussy isn't even a thought in his brain thanks to your training and punishments. He remembers the last time you fucked him for an hour straight. Bringing him sissygasm after sissygasm which left him even more aroused than before you slid your thick cock into his tight pussy. He has become addicted to it, cock whipped you might say, and there is nothing he can do but accept it. Yet tonight he will get nothing, no cock, and no licking his balls or his pussy, not even a toy. Instead you use your fingers to rub around the outside of his pussy to get him aroused and wanting it even more. Only to deny him, like most nights, his reward for being a perfect little bitch and cleaning your house is the knowledge you were pleased very well and smelling just how well you were fucked via your panties, That's right, his reward is humiliation and the smell of your pussy in your used panties and he is happy to get that. Every now and then you end the night with him licking your asshole to orgasm while you use a vibrator on your clit. About 4-5 times a month you give him that big cock he craves or if you have elected to turn him sissy, you have him fucked and used 1-2 times per week. But what ever you do, you never allow him to cum or out of his chastity and your smart, you make it really humiliating for him. You tell him to go hand wash your panties so he can't sneak any unauthorized smelling. Then put him to bed in his spot on the floor next to the bed where he will wake up and knell to serve again. 

This is how you want it, how it should be, how it's meant to be and this is how you should have it. You should not accept anything less than a complete obedient bitch, with no back talking or questioning you, who gets nothing but the little teases you allow. Why should we endure dull, pathetic sex however quick it is or suffer the lack of purely great sex because our Sub's inadequate ability to please, their pathetic dicklet size and stamina to please us as we truly deserve. Why should they ever be allowed the pleasure of pussy or an orgasm for that matter when they offer nothing in return and are more suited to be a bitch, sissy even, to use for our purpose and amusement. We want better, we deserve better, and we deserve to fuck who we want when ever we want with out any input from him, in fact its really none of his business. They are meant to serve and make our life easier, an addition to the best sex, a bonus for doing and getting what we love, BIG COCK. They can't fuck, they can't last, they can't stay hard, they have pathetic little dicklets and they are not worthy of pussy. He is not a man he is a bitch and that's what he wants and deserve to be, even if he doesn't know it yet. He wants to be your bitch and serve you so that he may be allowed to take that big cock and receive the only pleasure he is permitted. Besides, nothing makes a bitch, more like a sissy bitch, submissive and eager to obey, than him watching or listening or even knowing for that matter that his Mistress is/was screaming and moaning to orgasm after orgasm (which he can't do) as she freely gives her pussy to her alpha male while he is completely denied all access to pussy. Even more submissive if verbally told by the Mistress or Alpha/Bull who's pussy it is and that he is not allowed access to it, ever! Instead he is there for his true purpose, to hand over his pay, to kneel and serve, to obey with out question. Your sex life and whom you fuck is none of his business, you telling him the details about it (very important, especially if fucking away from him) is all he needs to know so he can be humiliated and even more submissive.

So with all of the excitement and thrill of cuckolding, when it comes to finding a sex partner, boyfriend, Bull or one time fuck, there is several things us women are prone to go after or look for. Number 1, Attraction or looks, 2 dress/clothes, 3 size of the cock, 4, ability to please as in stamina and technique, and 5, the level of freakishness. HOWEVER, we need to realize that this order is flawed and understand that looks while they may be important, should not be the number one thing we consider when looking for a sex partner. Size and their ability to please us should always be the most important because it gives the best, most powerful orgasms and the the ability to have them one after another. Not to mention it is half our power and his submission. NEXT is stamina or the ability to preform for a longer time, FOLLOWED by his comfort level or willingness to fuck in front of the bitch or at least not care he exists. We need to focus on finding a sex partner, not the looks, instead you should try to look for an attraction of some kind Maybe his smile, perfect teeth, sense of humor, attitude, personality or even if its just the fact that he will fuck you in front of your bitch, as there is a lot to be said about a man with a big cock who will fuck you in front him. There is always time to find that hot or attractive, well hung guy, but for now you need sex. You need to cuckold, you need orgasms, and you need to show your bitch that you can fuck when ever you want and his place is serving and obeying you. Having regular sex is also healthier for us, it slows aging, prevents depression, makes us more energetic, firms our breast, helps with weight loss, and boost our confidence just to name a few. I'm not saying you should fuck just anyone, just that you should not have high expectations and but average looking standards. Looks should never be the main or deciding factor of you fucking a guy. If you are only after looks, your sex life will suffer as there will be weeks or months even with out sex which is bad for you, and bad for his submission. His submission will suffer because of this as he will doubt or question your commitment and motives. The amount of time you spend searching and not fucking will be a waste and make him doubt your desire to have bigger cock, possibably even that your not serious about it or not wanting his. He needs this just as much as you because your sex is his sex and if your going to prove to him his place and bring out his true submission. You can always search for the perfect boyfriend, the hot, built guy that makes you wet everytime you think about him. For now enjoy what you can get, sex with average looking well hung men is great sex and pleasure, Saying your looking or talking about looking is not, and wasting your abilities and power. Besides that I have meet some hot guys while out on dates or hooking up with the average ones. One more thing to consider, most hot guys will only have an average sized cock or less, very few will have that perfect 8 and thick cock you desire.

This brings me to the Black and White of cuckolding. When it comes to males and size, as well as alpha and being freaky, your odds are far better with black males over any other.  However the myth that all black males have big cocks is NOT true, its not. But it is true that the average black male has a bigger cock at 7 inches then the average white male at 6.5 and that there are far more black males with bigger cocks than white. This means you are way more likely to find a black male with an 8 inch or bigger cock than a white male. Statistically speaking use this guide;
                                                     In 100 black males you would find
10 men with 6 inch or less cocks.......40 men with average cocks of 7 inches.....35 men with 8+ inches......15 men with 10+ size.....
                                                     In 100 white males you would find
15 men with 6 inches or less.......45 men with average 6.5 inches........23 men with 7.5 inches.........5 men with 8+ inches......and 2 men with 10+.
Obviously the ratio is not scientifically exact but it helps you understand just how much more likely you will get a bigger or 8 inch cock from a black male than a white male. Your far more likely to get bigger anyway with the range of 7 to 8 + inches being 75% of black males. Opposed to white males range of 6.5 to 7.5 inches at 68%. You know the saying "once you go black, you never go back" well there is a lot of truth in that. I know plenty of Doms or women in general who will only fuck black men, and I have to say I completely understand. For one, black men on average are way better in bed, its true and I have never heard any woman, Dom or not that has fucked both say any different, myself included. Then the obvious, they have bigger, thicker dicks and you are far more likely to find one than with a white guy. They can last as long as you want and most have the stamina to fuck you again and again with just a little rest in between. Now I'm not saying that White guys can't fuck, I've had several that fucked me even better than some of the black guys I fucked, however they had around an 8 inch cock. What I am saying is that those white men are few and far in between, although any white cock over 6 inches that last for 20 minutes or more is far better than what my little bitch at 5.5 inches and 6-7 minutes can offer any day. What I'm talking about is having long, powerful orgasms that you feel through your whole body, over and over as long as you can take it and want it. Orgasms that feel so good and are so strong that they make you squirt. YES, even if you have never squirted, it is possible to with the right black cock and no white cock has ever made me or anyone I know squirt. That's another humiliating fact to use on your bitch, he has never made you squirt. Another way to humiliate him is if you only fuck black men, white dicks are not allowed or rarely allowed if big enough.

What I love about sex with a black man (including what I said above) and why so many white women love it.  I like that most of them are built nice and in shape. They are more alpha and aggressive in bed and controlling of his pussy. They don't mind a few extra pounds, in fact most black men love a bigger girl and would rather have a thicker girl than a skinny one. They try their best to please you, they want you screaming and moaning from their big cock because they know they'll be offered pussy again, and again You know the song, "I have the magic stick" if I can hit it once , I can hit it twice.....Yeah, there is fact to that. They love dirty talk and are way more freaky than white guys so are down for pretty much anything. This includes other males or having you fuck his friends (try asking a white guy for that). They are not intimidated by you having a husband (unlike most white guys)and don't mind fucking you in front of him. In fact most are freaky enough to be a bull and dom your bitch and even do humiliating sex acts to him or force him to do to them. But mostly I love the sex, even with out the other great things, it is undoubtedly the best sex I've ever had, and the best orgasms I've ever had, everything else they provide is just icing on the cake. In all, there have only been 4 or 5 white guys that have really fucked me good, and all of them had about 8 inch cocks, most were OK to good sex. However every black guy I've fucked has fucked me good or great, even though only a few has made me squirt. Most white guys I've fucked were good sex, even the littler cocks were far better than my bitch, as is anyone with a big enough cock and a little stamina. I guess the question is do you want good sex from white cock or great sex from black cock. Mind blowing orgasms or just good sex, again anything you choose will be better than your bitch and Its up to you what you choose. Personally I really don't care whom I'm fucking, or what other people think, I do what I want and as long as I get great sex, and long powerful orgasms from him. Everyone has their preference...Some women just don't know what they are missing because they have never tried it, while some will only fuck black men. Seriously, it is extremely important to cuckold, as long as your cuckolding getting bigger cock, having great sex and fun, and keeping your bitch in his place, That's all that matters. My bet is, once you have black cock you will always want black cock OR only black cock.

If you are looking for a black lover/bull or boyfriend, the best results are the local black clubs or bars. I have picked up one or more every time I went. Or try any dance club or night club, there are usually a good selection there. You could also try a swingers club, although its hit or miss there. If anything, try black dating or hook ups sites, Craig's list, or swingers sites. Happy hunting!!
Email me if you have questions about training, sissy training, punishments, or cuckolding.