Tuesday, June 24, 2014

YOUR BITCH HAS LOSS OF INTEREST - He is burnt out or is reluctant to take his place

     What do you do? Well first, you need to understand how and why this has happened. You don't want to keep repeating this and end up time and time again, every few months back at this point. And trust me the last thing you want to do is repeat this to the point that there is no recovery from it, at least not very easily anyway. The truth is, its more than likely your actions or better said, lack of actions that got him to this point. I have found that 9 out of 10 times the Mistress has not exactly fulfilled her part of the new life style/relationship.....That's not to say that this happens a lot as most women get a taste of the perfect life and take to it like fish to water, but it does happen. Sure it could be that there is something else. Maybe he just needs a break or that he is just not wanting to submit anymore. Maybe If you gave him pussy that might reset things. Maybe he has just been having a hard time at work or stress is to much right now. Hopefully none of this or any other thought has crossed your mind because you would be wrong!! Fact is, if anything other than what I'm about to say has crossed your mind, your not only wrong, you've not been paying attention to or reading my blog, for that matter and I'm only being honest here "you probably wouldn't even be in this place if you did".

Now if your thinking that maybe you have slacked off quite a bit lately, not been dominate, humiliating or aggressive enough and maybe he's not taking you serious because you haven't been serious and/or not been doing the things you need to do as a mistress, well you would be right. I'd even put money on it that you have even taken breaks from the lifestyle 2, 3, or more times over the past year. Then even gone as far as given him pussy at least once during the breaks, didn't you? You see the pattern? I'm not saying that there can't be a very slight chance that there is a different issue causing this, its just very, very rare that it would be the case. In fact if your doing what you should be doing, its almost impossible to be in this predicament.

YOU SEE, it is very hard for him to go back and forth, serious and not serious, especially with all the elevated hormones and chemicals in his brain from training and lack of getting pussy. He needs desperately for you to give him consistency and strict guidance to truly be the sissy bitch you want and need him to be. He needs you to be the boss, and he needs you to be serious about it and give him the aggressive, cruel, ruthless and dominate side that he longs to serve and obey. Just like you cant take a shower with out soap, do nails without polish, or shop with out money.  All of those are possible, but the end result is less than desirable or wanted, and really not even worth the time to do them. This is along the lines of how your bitch feels. You have got to put him in his place forcefully, and you can't be shy about what you want, or do what you want. And you definately can't be shy about degrading and humiliating him!

Now, there is a way back, and depending on how many times you have repeated this will determine how hard and long it will be to get things back on track to where they should be, and hopefully for both your sake its not past the point of no return. I have talked about this in detail through out my blog and the truth is, you cant just turn him on and off like a switch. If you have the mentality of not taking it serious or maybe you though it was no big deal, you would get around to it the next time or do better the next time, this just wont cut it. I mean sure something comes up, you don't have time to do a training session or at least as long as it should be, OK but there is no excuse for you doing your best during the alloted time or to treat him like the bitch he is before, during, and after (constantly). I know your little bitch and his desires subconsciously to his natural place and needing to be put in it and kept there. I know what he needs and wants, even if he doesn't! Doing what he needs and must have in order to properly submit (even if he necessarily doesn't want it)  is what its going to take to get things right again, and get him begging to be back on his knees.

To the point; Here is the problem, How can you expect him to take you serious if you don't treat this serious. How can you expect him to be let down time after time but then be into it when its ok or convenient for you. That may be able to happen for a short period of time but eventually the things that turn him on, or make him submissive will loose its potency. You also can't contradict your rules, and his actions by allowing him to break them with out punishment, this includes but not limited to back talk. Don't contradict what you want and what you say by allowing him to be your equal, do what he wants, go with out punishment, and giving him pussy!! This not only confuses him and sends the wrong signal to what you actually want, it messes with the way he conceives things and his sub consciousness!

At this point you probably have guess what I'm saying and where I'm headed with this. Hopefully you have read through my blog and you know how to do things, if anything you will re-read back through it. To address the problem: There are no breaks, this is 24/7 period and your going way to easy on him. More than likely your not punishing him enough, hard enough or even at all for his rule breaking, or failure to sincerely submit and be submissive. Not to mention punishing him for falling short of commands or chores done the way you want them. Also punish him lighter on training days just because he needs reminders, but make sure the real punishments are ones to remember! You are also probably lacking in the humiliation side of things as well, and this is just as important as giving him punishment. Humiliation is a vital key for breaking his will, emasculating him, and controlling his mind. Your also not going out, or not out enough. Your not flirting enough or getting enough numbers. My guess is your also not taking care of your self like you should be (gym 2-3 times a week, hair, nails, make up, shopping etc.) And your definitely not treating him like you should be; not strict enough, not demanding enough, not forceful enough. Not controlling enough, not dominating or ruthless enough. Your not forcing him to take his place or calling him by your preferred name for him. Your not looking for and/or getting enough COCK as you should be. Your demeanor isn't that of a dominatrix and mistress, it is always your way, and only your way. You make the rules, he obeys. He cleans the house, and wash. He begs and asks for permission. Always, always, always!! Don't make excuses, do it and make these happen period!

Another big NO,NO is don't argue with him! Not over anything or anyone!! this is one of the WORST things you can do to ruin the hormones built up or alter the chemical balance for the submissive drive you have spent all that time on creating. Arguing with him removes all your power, it suggest that he has input, or a decision, or a choice.....None of which he has because he is the "BITCH" and you are the boss, so don't do it. Besides that it creates anger, animosity, and resentment. None of which are positive towards or helping in maintaining the lifestyle you want.

ANOTHRER big NO, NO is don't bitch at him! Again Bitching at him gives him the impression that he has a choice, that he is able to control something or anything at all. It also kills what you have just built up so, don't do it at all. Arguing, fighting, or Bitching at him is the fastest way to create distrust from him and takes days to get over or work through. Besides that, it's not DOM LIKE or needed.... If he has done something that's pissed you off or upset you, then be smart and punish him for it. If you ordered something and he didn't do it or what ever the reason is, give him a severe punishment that will deter him from doing it again. JUST DON'T argue,fight, or bitch at him!!! But especially never ever bitch at him for something he has no control over as this will definitely screw up things even worse than if he did have control.

This is what you want, RIGHT? SO MAKE IT HAPPEN, make it happen 24/7. Don't let things like work, kids, school, extended family or friends get in the way of it. Find away to exert your power over him and for him to show his obedience and submission to you. Lastly, don't make excuses for why you didn't do something, and never ask him for permission, plus don't give the impression that things are any other way than exactly how you want them to be! And don't make small talk or discussion of any kind with him prior, during, or after training. Keep it until bed time or at least wait for a better more suitable time if it is important. The object is to keep him in the trance as long as possible, which eventually leads to his complete submission. Keep him focused on training and keep him in his place when not training. And remember it's never worth throwing away your hard word and his submissiveness to bitch,fight or argue for any reason, as there is always better ways to show or give your dissatisfaction.

Are you willing to put forth the effort it takes to give you the most rewarding, and exciting life with the best sex you have ever had, getting pampered and pleased by your bitch while at the same time he is happier than ever doing it? Does this sound familiar? Its practically what I said somewhere at the start of this blog, and its still true! But its not just going to happen, you have to work at it, and make him work at it. You CAN NOT be bashful, shy, or hesitant about what you want, what to say, how to act, or what to do. You will need to be as dirty thinking, ruthless in punishments, and as strict in rules as you can be and always think of ways to push his boundaries and to show his submission to you. Think of ways to punish if the norm is out of the question because of a certain situation or place. When you punish, be serious about it. When doing spankings or physical punishment, don't be afraid to make him cry, leave marks, or bruising. Don't let it bother you and make sure he knows your enjoying it and willing to keep going. Have fun with it, and make him show his submission often by licking your feet and sucking your toes, kissing and licking your ass cheeks. You must take your place and force him into his, this is how you get what you want and make him want to beg to please and obey you.

This is about you being the boss, and him being the bitch. Its what you want, how you want it. You need to do what you want and make him do what you want. Your rules should be what you want them to be. Not what you see here or any other blog, they are only meant for guidance and example of others rules. Do not do something because you think he wants it, don't let him give input or boss from the bottom (on his knees) and punish him severely if he tries. He may think something should be a certain way because of what he has read, but its going to be your way and your rules, period! This does not mean that you can be laxed on them, not make him follow them if it suits you when it suits you, or that you shouldn't put your due diligents into making this 24/7. Only that if you feel a rule or doing what turns you on should be different than the norm, than change it to what you want. Trust me its going to turn him on more and make him more submissive if you do what pleases you over what he thinks pleases you. With all this said, YOU have to be the boss, the mistress at all times and you have to maintain that composure regardless of energy level, feelings of anger, rage, hurtfulness, input or interference from friends, family or life in general, regardless you are the boss.
You must do your duty to order him, control him, make him follow rules and knell at all times possible, regardless to any situation. Punish at the time of infraction if at all possibly, and never not punish for rule breaking, back talk, or not obeying!!  Your going to have to treat him like he needs and deserves to be treated, like your little bitch! Remember he is no longer your married husband or boyfriend, he is your little cock, BITCH! The more you treat him like that the more he will be submissive, take his place, beg to serve you and be turned on by that fact.

On the flip side, if you are doing all this as described and he is the perfect bitch you want then you must be in that 1 out of 10 that has the other problem. This is where your doing your job so well and getting all the cock you want with several lover and or boyfriends, he is also permanently locked away in his chastity. However the problem is he is not being included enough. This means that he is experiencing the bitch blues, much like women get with p.m.s. This is because he is home cleaning and doing chores, while your out enjoying cock, and/or never allowed anything to do with pussy. More than likely, he is rarely given any detail about your encounters, and at best is made to lick you clean after sex with your lovers/boyfriends. Your probably not even given him a good fucking with your strapon enough.

If this is the case then you definitely need to start including him more....do so by humiliating him about getting fuck by your lover/boyfriend, how much better it was and how long he lasted. make it a point to fuck in front of him at least twice a month (more if you spend a lot of time away from home getting fucked) Find someone that doesn't mind you including your bitch like serving, and even involving him with humiliation about or with sex. Also even though you will be permanently locking away his little cock, you will need to get it out at least 2-3 times a month, and fuck him with your strapon at least 2 or 3 times a month. Find other ways to involve him that suit you both.

This should get you back on track in no time...

Thursday, March 13, 2014

Little bitch gets his reward

Once a month if her bitch has been a good sissy he is allowed the privilege of a little play time.
But directly after he'll have to clean up the mess and its back in the chastity....

Sunday, January 27, 2013

Power - Female Supremacy

All women have power and all women use it to some degree or another, however a large growing  percentage of us want and feel there is something more to our power and ability, something that drives us, pleases us, and excites us. Something deep inside struggling to get out. Something that is rarely discussed or covered in the norm of social life. That something is Female dominance, the truest of female power.  We want ultimate power, submission and obedience from our men, we want control and we want freedom to do as we please. It is those women who embrace and flaunt their natural power that can take it to the ultimate level of female dominance. That growing percent that really knows how to use it, gets what they want and truly enjoys it.

 Female Domination/Supremacy (Also called FEMDOM) isn't about strength, it isn't about who's smarter, and it really isn't even about who's inferior. Its about knowing what you have, knowing your natural place and knowing how to use both to get what you want and deserve. Its wanting and craving the power and the ability to control. Its about bringing out his natural submission and belief that his place is kneeling at your feet. Its about making him submit, and making your will his own.

Pussy is power, but owning his mind and knowledge is control. Pussy is his obsession, but demeanor attitude, force and psychology are the control. Knowing how to use your pussy, and your body, with your strict dominating demeanor and attitude is the key to get control and what you want and deserve.

Lets talk about female power, what the power is, what gives us that power;
OK, first lets look at power as a whole....you have what every straight man needs, pussy!  Men are chemically and biologically programmed to need pussy, but they are also equally programmed to submit to power. The chemical that dictates both is produced in his balls and builds with every day of not getting pussy.  Every day that goes by that he does not get pussy, the urge and desire gets stronger and stronger. Sure he can get relief from masturbation or even a blow job, however this relief  is not the same as with pussy. Most males only get relief anywhere from 6 hrs to 1day. Where as getting relief from pussy could last any where from 3 to 4 days for most males depending on age, of course younger males may not even get relief that long. As of now no studies and very Little has been done to figure out why or how this is, but what is known is that pussy secretes certain chemicals that is absorbed through his penis that heightens the stimulation of nerve endings in a manner that only a warm pussy can give. This mixed with a certain working of pelvic muscles (the act of pleasing a pussy even if he is not successful) leading to an orgasm.  In short the act of fucking a pussy. More to come.....

Monday, December 31, 2012

Introduction to my blog (a must read)

I started this blog to inform, teach, and explain the Dominatrix/Cuckold lifestyle to women. Even if your just curious I encourage to read and take charge of your relationship. You have no idea of how great your sex life and relationship can be when you take your rightful and natural place as a dominatrix. Rather your new or veteran to the lifestyle, you can learn things from my blog. I'll teach you my trials and errors, helpful hints, solutions, attitude, aggression, and punishments. You can also communicate with me via email at herdesire@live.com for any questions or thoughts. By following my blog you will learn to be the best Dominatrix you can, and you will teach him to be the best and most submissive he can.

The cuckold dominatrix is not the way for every women,  some are just to closed minded or tied to the old ways, the "social norm" as its called. They have let society or family practice dictate their life and may be fearful of someone finding out, they may be to brain washed, or they may just enjoy what little power they have if any at all and prefer to keep it that way. However for those of you who want to break the cycle, who want more power and pleasure than you ever thought possible, then you have come to the right place. You just need to excepted your calling, demand and take your natural place at the top!

All my chapters are important and helpful, but some of them you must read and follow in order to achieve your goals. I will mark the must read chapters with these stars **. You will need to let go of your fears, embrace your new role and let out your female sexuality. Be the bitch he needs you to be. You must be aggressive, firm and controlling but above all, humiliate and degrade him down to his level, his place of servitude. This will bring out his natural submissive trait and he will be yours to command. He needs you to be his DOM, he needs you to control him and break his will, he needs you to make him fear you and make him serve you the way you desidre, he needs you to force him, humiliate him, be degrading and strict on him, he needs you to talk and treat him like the pussy whipped slave he really is inside, he needs you to be the best DOM you can in every aspect, even if he doesn't know that he needs it, even if he doesn't know he wants it, even if he doesn't know its his natural place....He eventually will! All men are trainable, and all straight men want what you have, so start using this to your advantage.

As you read through this blog, take notes or what ever you need to do to learn this. Make the step in the right direction to not only better your life but his as well. You will reap the rewards for it and he will be happy serving you.

Also, as you read to the end of a topic you may find that it just ends or lacks an ending, this is because I'm constantly updating my blog, refining it and making it better for you women who want to be the best mistress you can be, or its a blog I started when I had free time and are yet to finish it (just bare with me). Dates and times on here are days and times that I started that particular topic but as I said I'm constantly updating things and moving things around so you may read a date of start from 2 yrs ago but I could have just changed it 2 weeks ago...Check back constantly to remain up to date on events, post and news.
If you have questions, comments, or want to discuss things more in depth about a particular topic, again please feel free to email me at herdesire@live.com.

Remember you hold the key to your success, you dictate your future, and you have the power! Except nothing but his complete obedience, his submission to your will. What you put into it, you get out...So if you want 110 percent from him put 110 percent into training him the way you want him!


Wednesday, March 7, 2012

**How to manipulate his penis with out orgasm



Penile stimulation

The most important components of the physical erogenous zone and maxium stimulation of the penis are the sensations from the frenulum band, and rim of the head. These spots are not just useful for building arousal with your pussy slave but also good to use during foreplay with your lover or boyfriend. These structures each have their own feeling, and each contributes in its own way to the man's total sensitisation of pleasure and/or sexual build up. When training or building arousal of your PS It must be emphasized that emotional and mental excitement is an extremely important component of sexual control, and intensifies the man's perception of physical sensations  from his penis...... Thus the importance of verbal humiliation and describing in vivid detail about your long nights of fucking with your boyfriend or lover. While you are stroking and licking his over grown clit, you should be telling him all details so as to paint a picture in his mind of how much you enjoyed sex with your boyfriend and exactly how he pleased you. This does also serve another function, it helps to persuade his mind and thoughts to help prove that his tiny prick does not please you and that you really do prefer a real cock. When you pleasure your boyfriend or lover the same special attention should be given to his cock with the difference being that you will also mix this technique in while giving him a normal blow job. 

About the cock;
  • The rim of the head contains sensory receptors called Meissner corpuscles. research shows that these nerves, similar to nerve endings in the fingertips, are there to provide pleasure, as well as fine sensory perception. This seems to help a man to enjoy sex longer without ejaculating prematurely, because he can more easily tell when he is approaching the threshold of orgasm.
  • The male cock has 4000 nerve endings mostly located in the yellow and red areas of the picture below, while the clitoris alone has over 8000. The vagina also contains around 4000 nerve endings and they are mainly located at the vaginal opening to a depth of 1/3 of its total depth, thus the reason woman prefer bigger thickness/girth over length.
  • Thus the importance of pleasuring the rim from time to time during foreplay. 
  • Stimulation of the frenulum and ridged band results in intense pleasurable feelings during arousal. The ridged band consists of a number of "ridges", described by Dr. John Taylor in his recent article. Sensations from these structures during oral, intercourse, or masturbation are thought to be the primary trigger of orgasm in the intact male.
  • We believe that stimulation of the Frenulum, head, and ridge/rim is most significant in the later stages of sexual intercourse, when penetration is deepest and the nerve endings in the shaft come into play bringing sensation at its highest. Sensations from the all the glans contribute to the quality of the sensual experience and more easily triggers orgasm. This is why its very important that only the head can be inserted into the mouth or licking of the head is practiced when building or maintaining arousal of your PS.  
The Technique; Use the picture below to refer to when reading.
To start get his cock hard (remember that if it is your PS not to stick more than the head into your mouth and even keep that to a minimum). Once his cock is hard you will begin to lick his Frenulum bottom to top and vise versa. You should start to notice his cock harden even harder after a few minutes. Now its time to expand the licking from the bottom of his urinary opening to the bottom of the Frenulum and the rim from the side of his cock to where it meets the Frenulum left and right. After a few minutes and some serious signs of enjoyment from him its time to expand and add using your fingers. Do this by taking your pointer and middle finger(you can also use your index finger and thumb if it feels more comfortable to you) in a V shape then straddle your fingers over his cock in a position that both the left and right sides of his rim are between your fingers and then move them up and down while licking the bottom of the frenulum to the bottom of the urinary opening. After a few minutes of this he should be melting in your hands! Once you see he is good and worked up, use your finger to rub these area's especially the underside of the rim and rim also the Frenulum. Remember that if you are doing this to your lover or boyfriend you will also want to mix inserting his cock into your mouth

    Penis Shaft

    The shaft of the penis is the part that extends out of the body to the rim of the head. When flaccid (no erect) the skin on the shaft of the penis will be loose and stretchy. It also contains nerve endings that help males feels penetration. These nerve endings help trigger a satisfaction feeling in the brain when the stimulation of the shaft is combined with frenulum and rim stimulation. Again the reason why we only stimulate the head and frenulum of our PS. However, using the same techniques with shaft sensation on your Boyfriend/lover will drive him crazy. 

    Glans Penis

    The head of the penis is called the glans, just below the tip of the urethral opening (where both urine and semen come out). The glans is a highly sensitive area, with many nerve endings. The glans is considered to be fairly similar in function to the clitoris with far fewer nerve endings.


    The frenulum is the indentation on the underside of the penis where the glans meets the shaft and run up to the urethral opening. The frenulum is an area of great sensitivity, and when stimulated correctly can have a man on the edge for hours begging to be released, especially when using the rim and head stimulation jointly. While it has far less nerves than that of a womans clit and does not give as great of a sensation, it does trigger the part of a mans brain to release chemicals to put him in a trans like state.

Sunday, January 1, 2012

**Sissy-Bitch training

This is the ultimate kind of training, Just like bitch training but more so, it takes extreme dedication and hard work.....Plus a serious commitment to domination and truly wanting your PS to serve and obey you. Sissy training is the most rewarding with endless possibilities, excitement and pleasure for the women who desire power and the kinkier side of Femdom. Most of the women who pursue this level of servitude and submission from their bitches believe in complete and total submission and female dominance of the highest regard. They are also really pleased and aroused by the entertainment, excitement and power side of it as well. These women also believe there is no need or even a want to have sex "ever" with their bitch, not even really wanting to touch or deal with his tiny little dick except maybe for training or punishments.

Sissy Bitch training is usually associated with the act of 24/7 chastity and complete loss of all pussy privileges. Defined as; He is locked in his chastity near permanently only released for cleaning or training, and he is no longer permitted anything to do with pussy except maybe for cleaning duty from time to time or the rare times he is permitted to orally satisfy you. This includes smell (unless used to humiliate him), touch, taste, even seeing it (except in panties or again only to humiliate him). Even allowing him to watch you get fucked by your lover is also reduced to only doing it for the humiliation of it from a time to time basis. Instead he will only be allowed to listen. Thus part of the reason and appealing nature for a mistress to starting this kind of training!


OK, depending on where you are in training and how strict you are in his servitude and punishments, this sissy training could cause him to rebel, especially if not done correctly. To be honest you might even have a bit of reluctance from him no matter how strict and dominant you've been towards him. (No matter, just stay firm, strict and turn up the bitch mode then hand out the punishments!) After all you are going to begin "Training your sissy bitch" to be just that, YOUR SISSY BITCH! This sort of training involves you really pushing his limits and submission to the point that he is truly submissive, obedient, and terrified of you and your ability to give reward or punishments! As your BITCH, you should be/ have been training him to take your strap-on in the ass, maybe lick your ass while you get fucked and do clean up duty on you after you get fucked, HOWEVER as your sissy bitch he would loose all pussy privileges as described above and be trained to; obey your lover (his Master/ Sir),  fluff (orally get him hard) your lover for you and re-fluff after he cums for rounds 2, 3 so on, insert your lovers cock in your pussy for you, give your lover a blow job on the days in the month you can't play (or just because), Clean up duty on both of you, Fucked in the ass by your lover (condoms always) just for the humiliation of it or on the days of the month you can't play, used in ways to help you and your lover achieve maximum pleasure during sex (not just licking your ass but licking your feet, sucking your lovers balls while you ride him, licking your clit as you mount him reverse style or your lover fucks you doggie style, your lover switches from fucking your pussy to fucking him in the mouth, or what ever humiliating ways you can come up with). He will also be made to wear sissy clothes: panties, stockings, skirts, dresses or what ever you decide (full time under his clothes or just during sessions, your discretion), maybe even made to put a kotex in his ass on the days of the month you need one, and for some mistresses even made to wear makeup. It all comes down to what turns you on and if your unsure, I would experiment and try different things. You'll be surprised just what does really turn you on and remember its also about his humiliation!

Where do you start? Well first you going to need to get him far enough along in training (horniness level maintained fairly high and disciplined good enough to not back talk or question your orders)
that he excepts this. This will not happen over night but with strict enforcement of rules, punishments and daily training  in a few weeks to a month he will be ready to start sissy training. When you do start his sissy bitch training, his will to object or back talk should be broke and very submissive, (basically excepts and believes his place is at your feet serving you) you should not except or be getting any back talk or disobedience from him. He should also be very horny, enough to except his new role to get a reward when he acts the part, yet to scared not to take his new place and obey the orders you command for fear of a very harsh and long punishment. Once all this has been established you start off by wearing a strap on but not using it when you do normal training and punishments, this gets him use to a cock being present but in a non-threatening way and its psychologically going to build his acceptance. After 2 or three days of wearing the strap on during training, you will start to include the dildo in your training. This is done by having him knell (hands cuffed behind him) at your feet with it on, now he is submitting to your cock not your pussy in panties, thus now he is serving your cock and not your pussy (psychologically and physically you will be replacing everything to do with your pussy to him now serving your cock) While he is knelling in front of you, start humiliating him about how much bigger it is than him and how this cock actually pleases women. Your also  going to need to pick out a good name for him, or just simply call him bitch, this will be the only thing you call him from now on. As you humiliate him your going to place a mouth spreader device on him and then your going to tell him in a firm demanding voice that he is going to start serving your cock and that from now on he is going to be your little sissy bitch. Furthermore he will suck your cock on demand or be severely punished, you will explain that he has no choice in the matter that for the next few days your going to prove that to him by making him wear the mouth spreader during training and force it in his mouth anyway (and during training you will from time to time put it in his mouth demanding he suck it like a good little bitch) . As you force your cock into his mouth (don't go to deep as you don't want to gag him) tell him he will obey and suck it willingly, and suck it like he loves it, like sucking it pleases his mouth....This is they way he will please you sexually from now on and that his ability please you this way and show he really wants to please your cock will keep his ass from being welted up and greatly help him in the weeks to come. After fucking his mouth for a few minutes and he has slobbered all over his mouth and your cock, you will take it out. At this point take some time to do a few things you want to him, things you would normally do in a training session. After 15-20 min of that its time you tie him up doggy style, make sure he is good and tight. Get him hard and then use your finger on his prostate. When he is good and worked up( babbling like a good little bitch) your going to fuck him in the ass, and humiliate him that this is the only way he will receive pleasure from now on and only after he has been a good little sissy bitch and has begged properly for the privilege. Eventually by taking pussy away from him and switching the pleasure he gets from his cock to his ass, he will be begging you to be your little sissy bitch.

The first time or 2 of fucking him you probably won't see a significant change but by the 3rd or 4th time you should see a noticeable more submissive side to your cock fucking him. especially after you've been fucking him for a few minutes. Eventually after going with out pussy or an orgasm for a while he will completely submit to your cock in his ass to the point he is moaning to your pumps in him, backing up on it, begging you not to stop and babbling many things that could range from how he wants you to fuck him from now on and be your little bitch, to how much he wants to serve your cock and loves it. WHEN he does this your going to want to lead him and make him really want this. To do this you will make him tell you he loves your cock, make him tell you he wants to be your little sissy bitch from now on and ask him who's bitch he is? Make him really open up and crave it, have him beg you not to stop, have him tell you that he will suck your lovers cock or who Evers cock you tell him. Don't be shy about this, fuck him good and pull his hair and smack his ass hard enough to leave hand print (remember this is his sissy bitch transformation and you want to treat him just like that) While he is in this state use your imagination and let loose on him. (eventually after a month or so of no pussy contact, strict discipline, and the occasional fucking from you, he really will crave and be cock whipped). After 2 weeks from the day you start fucking him (of which you will fuck him every 3rd day but only long enough to work him up not milk him) and treating him like your little sissy bitch your going to go a full 2 weeks(14 days) of not fucking him but still giving him prostate stimulation by hand or toy and still wearing your strap on in every training session. This way it's always on his mind. On the 15th day start off with your normal training then after he is all worked up your going to give him the chance to show just how much he wants to please your cock and maybe get to have your cock in his bitch pussy. Have him knell and beg to suck you cock, after he does allow him to suck it, but no matter how good he does tell him "he must not want cock bad enough because he's not doing a very good job", then take your crop and smack his ass hard saying suck my cock like you want it and continue to whack him while he sucks it. After a few minutes pull it away from him telling him it's not good enough he can do better and he won't be getting cock today, but you will give him one more chance in a few days. In 2-3 days repeat, this time humiliating him and while fucking his mouth really smacking his ass hard with the crop. When you feel he has pleased you enough your going to tie him down doggy style telling him to beg you for your cock, again leading him to tell you who's bitch he is, that he will suck who's cock you tell him and that he serves your cock from now on to never bring up, ask for, or have anything to do with your pussy ever again or be severely punished. Once he agrees lube his ass and tell him he better show you how much he enjoys the privilege of getting your cock by moaning and screaming like the little sissy bitch he is. Again give it to him good pulling hair smacking his ass hard. (if he manages to get milked by this make sure you have something to catch it all and have him lick it off one of your clean dildos). Remember earlier how I said his ability to show you that really wants to please your cock will help him in weeks to come, we'll from this point on you will only give him cock after he has sucked your cock to your satisfaction, and even then every other time your going to deny him that privilege. He may get upset (just put him back in his place with a punishment and scalding). Later after months of not getting an orgasm with his penis, or released from his chastity very much, and nothing to do with pussy (except the occasionally tease or panty smell) plus not getting your cock for weeks or month at a time, He will really become cock whipped and do practically anything to have it, he may even cry when you deny him the privilege of getting fuck by it. If he does, great...You are doing your job!  Let's not waste this and really tease and humiliate him, letting him know as you smile and gently laugh that seeing him cry like a little sissy turns you on and he better get use to only getting cock when he really deserves it. Let him know what you really want from him from now on to earn your cock and be sure to let him know that nothing puts you in the mood to fuck like getting big cock from your lover or boyfriend and that he should be begging you to get fucked.

At this point its time to start looking for a suitable lover that can fit the bull position, or learn to be a 
bull. He should be open minded, or maybe even Bi/ bi-curious, so he is more willing or even excited
to be serviced by your Bitch. He should also be OK with/or even  turned on by being your bitches 
"MASTER" thus ordering him to serve you and or him in what ever ways the two of you see fit.

 Once you have the lover/'s picked out you would then discuss your plans/scenarios that you would like to take place, go over the do's and don'ts, answer and ask any questions you have. Let this new master know his roll a head of time, is he a lover for you to play as we'll or just a master for you sissy. When it's time for play no matter the masters roll,  Don't be shy, or afraid to do what you want, what you want him to do or what you want done to him or sissy.... All men are turned on by a women in control, especially if she is firm, demanding and flaunts it. But if your not the take charge type of girl yet you should be or slowly developing the true you, then take the first time slow. You could even ask your new lover for his ideas and/or maybe just let him take control the first few times or until you want it.

No matter if this new Master/Sir is just for your sissy bitch or he is someone you also want to play with  (making him a lover) you'll want to start off by having your sissy waiting in another room while you greet his master and bring him to a place to sit with you or near you depending on his roll there. If he is not a lover then you should sit with a little distance between you. After a few minutes of talking and the master is ready call for your sissy to come knell in his place. (he should be naked with his chastity on) You will introduce the master as his new master and if also a lover let sissy know that as well. Tell your bitch to fetch you both drinks and towels for later. Make sure he knells at your feet before giving you the drinks. When you and the master are ready leash your bitch and walk him to the play room on his knees. When you get to the room place your sissy where he needs to be (start off blind folded and kneeling with hands cuffed behind him, and for the first time use your mouth spreader device as the real cock is much more humiliating and difficult to suck) from here the masters role of lover or non-lover plays a big part. If he is a lover you two would start making out and taking off each other's clothes before you get to the real point of the master being there, if not a lover then the next step, directly to the point. The master removes  his cloths and you tell your sissy he is going to suck his cock hard for you. The master will put his cock into the sissy's mouth and begin to fuck his mouth because the mouth spreader will keep sissy from truly sucking his cock, fucking his mouth is necessary this first time. You will have your crop smacking his ass hard telling him to suck his fucking cock like a good little bitch. After 6/7 smacks your going to lube sissy's ass and slowly worked in a toy or a finger to get him worked up and loose. Once the master is good and hard it's time to move on to the next step. Again the masters roll determines the that. If he is a lover then you will want to insert a vibrating butt plug to get his ass loosened up and remove the mouth spreader, then proceed to the bed for a good fucking, doing the steps along the way to have sissy bitch in position to please both of you. Once you 2 are done fucking, its time to put sissy in his place to get fucked and remove the butt plug (make sure the master treats him like a sissy bitch smacking his ass and making sissy tell him he loves his cock along with any other humiliating thing). If he is just a master then you would skip the having sex part and proceed to training him with the master. Start off by getting sissy good and horny, rub his cage and balls while you tell him how tiny and useless it is. Also use a prostate vibrator and suck on his nipples and ears to boost his horniness level. during this time you will use verbal humiliation, tie him down in humiliating positions, and have the master put his cock in sissy's mouth from time to time. Next you will remove your clothes except for your panties put on your strap-on, then you will proceed to the corporal side of training. You will do everything from CBT (cock and ball torture) to spanking him with the crop, paddle, flogger and cane including nipple clamps, electro shock, and candle wax burning (if you have these). When doing all this make sure the master does his part (what ever you guys have discussed during the first meeting or conversations by texting or over the phone, and/or when he first arrives before you call sissy in). Make sure the spankings are hard and range from one hitters to fast multiple hits (10-15 or more in a row), and humiliate him during this time. once you have had your fun and you feel sissy is ready then you would put sissy in his position to get fucked and do as described above. Have the master start out with a slow insert (lots of lube), and a slow fuck gradually building speed and pounding. during this time be sure to give sissy humiliation and smacks to the ass, then proceed to have sissy suck on your cock and tell him to do a good job suking it like a good little bitch. After the master is done or sissy cant take anymore cock, (which ever comes first) sissy is untied and told to clean up then take his place again kneeling and serving both of you in what way you see fit.

Note; give sissy something to hold in his hand (a dildo or what ever around that size)while the master is fucking him, tell sissy that if he can not take anymore cock to let go of the object thus letting you know he is done.  Remember have the master start off slow fucking until sissy is opened up and work up to a good fuck pace. Also you and the master should listen and watch sissy's body languish if sissy is moaning or screaming loudly and really getting into the fucking then fuck him harder and faster, but if doing so causes sissy to stop making noise then slow down the pace.

When its time for the master to go, leave sissy on his knees in the play room and walk out the master. The blind fold should still be on sissy and not have been removed at all during the masters stay (you will have your sissy blind folded right before every play session with the master). For the first few times 3 or 4 of the master coming over you will tie sissy up laying down and remove his chastity. then you will get his little dick hard and keep him on the edge until you feel like putting it back away. then you will lock it back away and release him to take his place kneeling at your feet where you will inform him that this is the only sex he will have from now on and humiliate him about it, making sure you have him thank you for that privilege. After his break in period (the first 3 or 4 times) you will not be removing his chastity instead you will come through the door after walking out the master (and still have nothing on but your panties) and while he is kneeling in his place you tell him how good of a little bitch he was and again informing him this is the way it's going to be from now on. tell him how well he has pleased you and tell him that he's going to get a reward for being a good little sissy bitch by allowing him to put his nose in your crotch to smell your pussy ( but only for a minute or two). This may be a reward for him as he has done good but it also serves another purpose, it allows him to smell your sweat freshly fucked pussy allowing the hormones you secrete to do their job and subconsciously deepen is submission and craving of you getting fucked. Even if he was just a master not a lover, he would still smell the hormones from how horny you got just by watching him get used like a little sissy bitch. If the master is not a lover you may also want to take the time and relieve the sexual build up from watching sissy get used by having sissy hold a dildo in his mouth while you fuck it or have sissy wear a strap-on while you ride him.

A lot of this has been gone over in other topics, please be sure to read all of them for more ideas as well as gaining more experience.... As always explore, have fun, and do what pleases you!


Note: For those who may be socially oriented and fear society judgment (for goodness sake this is 2013), this act and training does not make either of them gay, but more shows that they are comfortable with their sexuality, or open to explore fantasy if even for the sake of the only person that matters in this trio, YOU! 

Sunday, December 25, 2011

**From a Bulls/Lovers point of view

My point of view.... Well let me be clear here, I take my position in a cuckold relationship serious. I'm there for a reason, and that reason is very clear to all involved. My job is to make sure that the mistress is pleased sexually but also to use, help humiliate, and put her pussy slave in his proper place. My involvement really helps in his submission to his mistress, it helps break his will and ego. Once he sees his mistress is getting bigger, better cock, having far better orgasms and realizes that she prefers to fuck me not his little cock....Its a shock to his manhood. But also that she is willing to let me use him like a sissy bitch shows that she is a true dominatrix and demands his submission. I enjoy using her pussy slave, and i really enjoy how much it turns her on watching me use him. I believe that women are, and should be very powerful and sexually active creatures. I know she is capable of great pleasure, pleasure that far exceeds that of mine or any other male. I know how to please her and bring out her inner power, the true dominatrix she needs to be. No I'm not huge in the cock department but I'm above average, 7 inches and fairly thick. Plenty big enough to please her pussy the proper way and far bigger than her pussy slave, and I know how to use it. I also know how to talk to her, I know how to take control of her body and I know what turns her on. I know how she wants me to treat her pussy slave and I know how to use him properly to get both her and I excited and pleased.

I expect him to submit to me just as he does his mistress. He may find it hard at first, and he will definitely find it hard to take my cock into his mouth, but he will eventually submit to his place as my bitch. I want him to know I'm his master and while I don't own him, I will control him while I'm there. He is to knell at my feet and obey me just as he would her. He is to address me as master (some bulls go by SIR) and when he is ordered to suck my cock by his mistress or myself he is to submit to that command fully and show his submission by sucking my cock to his best ability. He is to deep throat it and suck it hard, I want to hear him gag and I want to see slobber dripping from his mouth. When His mistress wants me to fuck him in the ass (I always wear protection) He is to be tied down bent over across the bed or dogie style with his hands between his legs and cuffed to his ankles. When I know I'm going to fuck him after I'm done pleasing his mistress, I tell him that he is to show his submission while I'm fucking her by kneeling facing away from the bed, bend over with his face to the floor, reach back with his arms and spread his pussy (ass cheeks) open and stay that way till I'm done fucking his mistress. Before or after he gets tied down in his place to get fucked, he is ordered to suck my cock hard. As I'm behind him putting on my condom, I tell him to beg me to fuck him like the bitch he is. While I fuck him I take the time to slap his ass and also tell him I want to hear him scream and moan like the bitch he is. I also find it amusing to have him suck his mistresses dildo while I fuck his tight little pussy. Then after I've come but before he is let up, I pull the condom off and have him suck me clean. In case your wondering, "no" he does not get off and he always wears his chastity while he's taking my cock deep inside his pussy. Another humiliating act that really turns on his mistress is having him suck my cock while she fucks him with her strap on or smacking/paddling his ass and balls while he sucks me just prior to her fucking him.

From the first meeting I lean what she wants, and her expectations. I learn what turns her on and what pleases her, as well as the limits of both her and her pussy slave. Then on our first secession I meet the pussy slave, I go a little easy on him but not to easy. I give her what she needs, what she wants and craves.....Real orgasms, orgasms her pussy slave could never give and the thrill of watching her bitch serve me. I'm greeted at the door by a very seductive and sexy dressed mistress, she is eager to fuck and watch her bitch serve me. I come through the door and as we walk to the family room she yells for her bitch. No sooner than we sit down her naked(except for his chastity) bitch is kneeling at her feet. In a firm and strict voice she says, "Go get us a drink!". He quickly retrieves us a beer and again is kneeling in his place. She begins to humiliate him by telling him shes going to get pleased by a real mans cock and that he knows whats expected of him. I begin to rub her breast and humiliate him myself, telling him I'm going to please her the way she deserves, and that from now on he's going to serve me when I'm over. With in seconds I'm making out with her and fingering her pussy and on my way down on her.

After a few minutes she's good and wet, and shouting out to her bitch to go take his place in the bedroom.  We move up to the bed room and she puts his blindfold on and cuffs his hand behind his back. She then humiliates him as I start undressing her and myself. With him on his knees, he is perfect height to suck my cock, and she doesn't hesitate to grab his chain and pull him over to my cock while saying, "Suck his fucking cock and make sure you get it really hard and ready to fuck me since your tiny cock can't please me"! Then she grabs the back of his head and guides it to my cock and pushes his mouth onto my cock. As he is sucking my cock we are kissing and I'm rubbing her breast and fingering her pussy. After a few minutes she starts pushing the back of his head hard on my cock and shouts," Suck that fucking cock and let me hear you gag!" then she takes a crop off the wall and starts smacking his ass. Now he's really sucking my cock and its super hard! She pulls his chain and tells him to listen to how a real cock can make her scream. I go to town sucking her pussy, slide on my condom and have him put my cock into her pussy. She starts moaning as I slide it in, and with in a few minutes she is screaming from her first orgasm. After she has cum a few times I move from missionary position to her riding me and she pulls his chain over to have the bitch insert my cock and orders him to lick her ass. After a few orgasms I move him to the bed laying on his back head hanging over the bed. I slide my cock into his mouth and begin to fuck it and she rubs his balls. Then I grab her and pull her over him 69 position and tell him to put my cock in. As I start to fuck her dogie she tells him to lick her clit. Her orgasms build fast, and I can tell she is really turned on by all this. After several orgasms I cum deep inside her. She pulls her pussy just over his face and humiliate him about how well she was pleased, tells him its my pussy from now on and orders him to clean out the mess.
After she feels that he's properly cleaned up the mess, she gets a robe on, removes is blindfold, cuffs, and tells him to get us drinks. He promptly returns with drinks and takes his place. She spends the next 10 to 15 minutes humiliating him and tells him to get use to this because this is the way its going to be from now on. She then puts back on his blindfold but no cuffs and removes the robe. By now I'm on my back on the bed and she orders him to suck me hard again, at the same time she climbs on my face 69 position so I can lick her pussy and she can watch her bitch suck my cock. once she sees that I'm rock hard again she spins around and starts riding my cock push him out of the way and ordering him to the corner to knell. After another 40 minutes of fucking I cum and again he is order over for clean up duty. After he's done his job we get dressed and head down stairs and he is ordered to clean up the room and take his place by the bed to wait for her return. We go to talk a bit in the family room and discuss the next nights events. I tell her I'm eager to take the roll of his master and her bull/lover and she agrees to give me ownership of her pussy (when she's not fucking another lover) and control of her bitch.

From then on when I come over, I'm not easy about using him or ordering him around. I put him in his place and she loves every bit of it!