Friday, January 1, 2016

Bondage Ideas

       Bondage is probably one of the hardest things for some women, at least when it comes to using more imagination and getting away from the standard legs apart and arms above the head (arms and legs to the four corners of the bed). The idea is to have him put in awkward positions, humiliating positions, and even uncomfortable position while being able to utilize this position to tease him, peg him, milk him, force oral on him, administering punishments on him, or what ever you want.

       The possibilities are endless, the tools and toys are endless, and the fun is just as endless. All you need is the gear and an imagination, or at least ideas. You need to switch it up from time to time, and try new things. you can and should involve things like hand cuffs, rope, spreader bars, blindfolds, nipple clamps, gags or hoods, anal hook, nose hook, mouth forceps, cages, slings, and of course any punishment or fun device.

      Below are some examples of bondage.

This position you can do anything from behind from like pegging, milking, spanking, CBT etc.

This position is the same as above but just a different technique
This position shows someone who used imagination, its perfect for milking or CBT, and can also be used for forced oral (cock sucking your bull)

This pic shows a standard type position but notice that she used other gear like the blindfold, gag, and a little CBT.

All fours, another classic position with the humbler device which forces the slave to stay kneeling or on all fours. It also give the ability for pegging, CBT, milking, spankings etc.

The classic standing position, but of course CBT is being used as well as ball gag and blindfold.

this pic shows good imagination and allows for CBT, anal play, among other fun things.

Here is a spin on the all four position, only arms behind the back. this could also have been done with arms between the legs and secured to his ankles or spreader bar, then attached to his balls. great for anything anal, punishments, spankings, CBT, or just to keep him on his knees for a while.

This pic shows display bondage, its only or main purpose it just bondage, placed to display her assets. In this case that would be his caged dick, but could easily have been his ass or what ever.

This pic shows a bitch still in his panties, tied to a luggage cart, using bungie ties for some CBT. He was left this way while her lover fucked her in that very bed. Great example!

This pic shows bondage that will focus on spankings, a twist to just bent over.

This is great use of a standard dog cage. The bitch has his but plug in and is secure to all corners of the cage.

This pic shows a bitch in an awkward and uncomfortable position. Great for spankings, anal play, and milking directly into his mouth.

This is the anal hook, used to hold position in bondage. Great for holding your bitches head back for forced oral, or just cum shooting into his mouth. remember to use the mouth spreader.

Another uncomfortable position, also great for anything from behind

This pic shows good use of gear and force oral.

This Dom is milking her bitch. She is draining his balls directly into a dog bowl and will make him lick up the mess.


Thursday, December 31, 2015

Cock & Ball Torture Ideas and examples

        So I have received a several emails over the past few weeks regarding Cock and Ball Torture, also known as CBT or CB&T. So I was thinking that I would gather some pics of real examples and give a little info on them to prevent me from going over this again and again. Besides that I have received great feed back from my past post using this method.

Well to start, CBT must be done correctly to avoid any long term or permanent damage. this is not to say that you cant be a little rough, and make him scream. This is an art and one that takes time to learn. A little pain goes a long way when it comes to torturing them. ideally you want him moaning or screaming when administering CBT, if he is not then you should up the force till he is. Technique is key, and there are many was to punish and abuse them, from squeezing, smacking, flicking, clamping, bonding, roping, shocking, wax, ice, spikes, and chemical (icy hot). There are just as many toys and devices as there are ways to use them and your only limited by your imagination. My suggestion is try everything, don't hold back and experiment. Always make sure when doing any kind of play rather it be CBT, pegging, spankings, and even at times humiliation, he must be tied or locked down. It is not only the helpless feeling, and show of power/force, or loss of privilege of movement, it is also to keep him from moving and forcing him to take the pain. As a rule when training he should be locked down at all times anyway. CBT should be given as a punishment in conjunction with, prior to, or after spankings. It can also just be done through training sessions or just for your amusement. You should also try incorporate some kind of  bondage position when doing it form the added humility, and feeling helpless.

Wednesday, November 11, 2015


Here are various pics that were either sent to me, I was apart of, or I found in other Dom blogs. I posted these to give you examples and show you the end result and examples of a good punishment spanking and also to help give you your own ideas. In this section pay close attention to the pics. Look at how they are all tied down and being humiliated while being spanked. Notice that while some are naked, some are still in their panties or stockings(always spank a bare ass though). Also notice that these doms are enjoying them selves, they are really getting into this and they may be having a good time but they are serious about his spanking, showing no remorse or care less to bring tears, screams, and begging from him. While doing this they are humiliating him, making him beg to please and submit to her, and apologize for his disobedience, as well as other ways to show his submissiveness and willingness to obey. He is made repeatedly to state his status as her bitch, and his place. Keep in mind that he is made to wear a ball gag for the first half of punishment spankings so as to show she cares not to hear his screaming and begging for her to stop. After that it is briefly removed for begging during following spankings. It is then reapplied for more spankings and then removed again at the end to allow more begging as spankings are administered for a last set.

The main thing is look at how red, marked up, and swelled up, their asses are during and after a well earned punishment spanking. This is how it should be, and if there was sound you could even hear them begging, screaming out, and crying like a bad little bitch deserves when they have violated a rule, failed to please their mistress,  or back talked. The spanking should last for a while, a good 20-30 min, and again be one he never forgets! Keep in mind though, they should not tear or split skin open, thus why crops, paddles, and cat-o-9 whips, or floggers are best. and remember that taking time in between spanking is best to avoid numbing of his ass (which voids the purpose of the spanking).

If you want to sussceed in breaking him and getting the truly submissive bitch you want, you need to start doing this type of firm, strict, dominant punishment. You have to be aggressive, serious, demanding and unyielding. Let out the side of you that wants this, that loves this, and is turned on by the sight and sound of hearing him cry out and beg to please you like you deserve. Again punishment spankings should be ones that he never forgets and one that takes away any hesitation he has when he is ordered to suck a cock for you or to reluctantly knell naked with a chastity on at your feet and serve while you have your lover or company over, to even obeying your lover or guest orders. After one two or even sometimes, three and four punishment spankings for failure to follow command and obey, trust me he will gladly follow any orders you have. Keep in mind that no matter how well behaved he is and submissive, he will still need spankings once or twice a week to keep him in his place. You just don't hit as hard, shorten the time and number of spanking to achieve this.

Paddles, crops, and whips are best when doing spankings, however canes, switches etc. will work for tools in short moderation. remember to switch it up here and there. For a better detailed explanation of how, when and where to punish your bitch read my punishment section in this blog.

You can click on pics to enlarge.