Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Rules Punishments (updated version)


1. Always address mistress as mistress or her approved name
2. Always ask for permission to do anything, including bathroom.
3. Always kneel at all times, NAKED if possible. but especially to ask for permissions or beg.
4. Keep pubic hair trimmed or shaved to mistress's specifications
5. Always show submission at all times, even in front of other people, find ways.
6. Never back talk or demand the Mistress
7. Never speak with out permission or question the mistress. It is not your concern or your business.
8. Never ask for pussy or anything to do with it.
9. Never question Mistress about who she fucks, or how she does it. Its none of your business.
10. Obey all orders on command with out hesitation.
11. Get all daily chores done.
12. Respect and serve your mistress to the best of your ability, including lovers/boyfriends or friends.
13. Never touch the mistress or her property, this includes phone, computer, purse and tiny clit dick.
14. Always address your self as the mistress property or her bitch

Failure to do a chore; (each chore) 25 swats (your choice or mixture of devices)
Failure to ask permissions or address as mistress; (per event) 10 swats
Failure to keep pubic hair shaved, touch phone or other property; (per event) 20 swats
Failure to address himself as your bitch, speak without permission, show respect (per event) 10 swats
Below is a major infractions, and you will keep adding swats to the last number, EXAMPLE; Monday he back talks, he gets 50 swats, Thursday he back talks, he gets 60, Saturday he back talks, he gets 70. This prevents repeating further infractions, eventually he will obey all rules.
Failure to obey an order; (per event) 75 swats, add 25 each other time
Back Talking or Questioning you; 50 swats per event add 10 each other time
Asking for or anything about pussy; 1st event 100 swats, 2nd event 200, add 50 each other time.
Touching Clitty; 1st event 100 swats, add 50 each other time

SWATS are spanking his ass with you choice of device or any mixture of devices. Be it paddle, crop, cat-o-nine tails, bull whip, leather strapping whip, canes, belt, or hand. These punishments should be given immediately at the time of the offense, and should be followed up by 5-10 min of corner time. If not possible, do corner time and swats later that day. punishments should also include a mixture or all of these; loss of privileges, loss of free time, loss of allowance, loss of watching or hearing your sex, doing extra or longer versions of chores (example hand wash dishes, wipe floors on knees with rags, scrub toilets with scrubber sponge, feeding on floor with out utensils etc. Also electric devices and toys, ball stretching ball smashing, ball rope confinement, ball slapping or cropping, ball creams/sprays that burn, candle wax on balls and ass, urethra toys, nipple clamps, bondage positions, spitting in face, slapping face etc.  You can and should add swats at your desecration for any violation or for what ever reason to give them, but DO NOT GIVE LESS THAN POSTED ABOVE and remember to scold and humiliate him while punishing him.

Your rules should be made to follow 24/7/365, no excuses from you or by you and he is not allowed any excuses either. You should be very strict, demanding, and serious with daily training. After about 2-3 months of training the way you want him to be and being a proper Dominatrix, he will be the submissive you want.

Saturday, July 29, 2017

Talking with humiliation

An example of how to talk to you sub. During this I am talking with a strict tone of voice, in a very serious demeanor. This is a phone call on my way home from my boyfriends house that continued when I got home. This took place a few years ago shortly after seeing John (first boyfriend)  for a month. This is how a Dominatrix acts towards her submissive, and how he should be treated.

"Ring, Ring, Ring, Ring" Hello Mistress. What took you so long to answer the fucking phone. I'm sorry Mistress, I was finishing up with cleaning. I don't care what your doing, you answer the phone on the first ring, don't leave me waiting on you again or it will be 50 lashes for each ring over the first! Yes Mistress, I'm sorry mistress for wasting your valuable time. You should be, and you will be punished for it when I get home. I'm on my way home, So you better be on your fucking knees in your place when I get there. Yes Mistress! "click" (25 minutes later I walk through the door) Take off my shoes and put them away. Yes Mistress. (I take my top off and throw it on the floor, not wearing a bra) Pick that up and hang it up, then get my loose shorts off the dresser and bring them to me. Yes Mistress. Cover them! (*cover them* is a position I've trained him to get in when my pussy will be exposed. its while kneeling putting his hands down in front of him like doing a push up only about 6 inches apart, then close his eyes and put his face on the floor between his hands and hands move to the sides of his eyes to block side view, he is not to move from that position until I say kneel ) (I remove my work shorts and toss them on the floor next to his face, then take off my panties and inspect the wet spot from sex with John. I then put on my loose shorts with no panties) (this is to tease him as when I stand or sit with no panties on he can catch glimpse of my ass or pussy lips) (I then sit on the bed) Kneel! Yes Mistress. (I then reach over and put my panties over his head and move the wet spot directly to his nose) Do you smell that? Yes Mistress! (when he smells my pussy juice and johns cum, it makes him really submissive) Do you smell how well my pussy was pleased. Yes mistress, thank you mistress for allowing me this privilege. May I please be your humble servant from here out, please Mistress, please? Oh, your going to, that's why your here, to serve and obey me and your going to be a good bitch aren't you? Yes Mistress! Smelling our sex makes you weak doesn't it? Yes Mistress, its really humiliating to. It should be, knowing a bigger cock is pleasing me in ways you never could and your little clitty is locked away. Yes Mistress! Worship my feet and think about how good he fucked me, how he stretched my pussy and made me scream. Yes Mistress. (he bends down on all 4 and starts licking and sucking my feet and toes. That's a good bitch, suck my toes like a little cock. Yes mistress! Thank ME!! Yes Mistress, thank you for allowing me the privilege to worship your feet, thank you for allowing me to serve you and the humiliation of knowing my place. (I laugh and say with a serious tone) That's right, this is your fucking place and I want you in it serving me like the bitch you are from now on. Yes mistress! (after about 4-5 minutes of him worshiping my feet i say) That's enough. Yes Mistress.

(panties are still on his head) Is my bitch nice and horny? Yes Mistress! Good, I want you submissive and eager to obey. Is that understood? Yes Mistress! Before you get punished I have good news, I've decided I'm going to date John from now on so some things are going to change. Yes Mistress, whats changing? For one, I'm going to be seeing john a lot more. Going over his house more for sex, and even spending the night. Mistress, what about me what will I do? You'll do what your told,  keep the house spotless, even hand wash the dishes to pass time, and cancel the grass guy because you'll be cutting it from now on. Besides that I have plans for you on some of the nights I won't be home. Plans Mistress? Yes, I've been talking to a bi-sexual Bull from your AD and he would love to have you on some of those nights. Mistress, That doesn't sound good, I'm worried what will happen, may I please....SHUT YOUR FUCKING MOUTH! Its not your place to think, only obey. Your here to please me and I don't give a shit what will happen, or if you approve, you will go and do what he commands of you, is that understood!! Yes Mistress! GOOD, cause he has my permission to use you how ever he see's fit and to punish you accordingly if needed, then you will be punished by me when you get home. Is that understood? Yes Mistress. The only rules I have is he must wear a condom if he pegs you, and your chastity stays on. Yes Mistress, as you command. That's right, and you have another 50 lashes for back talk. Yes Mistress!

Moving on, In the past I allowed you to see my pussy from time to time up to a a few days before I got fucked, but I don't think its appropriate that you see john's pussy anymore. Even though he doesn't know about you, its his pussy and frankly I don't want you seeing it. You don't ever deserve pussy, that includes anything to do with it. Mistress, Please don't take pussy completely away, please I'll do anything you say!! (I grab him by the hair of the head and smack his face) Your going to do what I say regardless of what I do or take from you, is that understood! Yes Mistress! (I release his hair and say) But don't worry, at least you'll have a lot more times to clean up the mess. Mistress, your really going to get serious with your boyfriend, I'm really not getting pussy again? (with a very serious tone I say) Yes and fuck NO! He turns me on and fucks me really good, way better than you ever did. Besides I don't want you or your tiny prick for sex, it has never pleased me and honestly makes me want to laugh when I see the little thing. YOUR FUCKING PATHETIC in bed, and can't last more than 4 or 5 minutes. Why would I or any girl want to fuck that worthless tiny thing. This is exactly why that worthless piece of skin should be locked away for good. I don't want to touch it and honestly I don't even want to see it outside of the chastity. (I remove the panties from his face and say in a loud strong tone)Your a pathetic little pussy whipped bitch and you should be on your knees begging me to get fucked by a real man. Begging me to get his big cock and have what my bitch could never give, ORGASMS and hot sex! And your going to, your going to beg me to get all the cock I want because that's the only way your ever going to get close to my pussy again. (I pause, then laugh and say) Not that you get to touch it, or even see it, instead you get the humiliation of tasting what a real man gets to do after he pleases my pussy. (I get real close to his ear and say) You get to know how much better he fucked me by filling my pussy with his cum and that I not only prefer his cock, I love it. But at least you get to smell my pussy while you take every last drop.  And that will be your reward for being a good little bitch, cleaning my house and doing laundry while i'm out getting fucked by a real man....Just like it should be. Yes Mistress, I'm sorry for having a little clitty Mistress. You should be sorry, (I bend down and smack his balls 5 times and say) you should never of felt the pleasures of pussy, my finger feels better than you. I would rather finger myself from here out then suffer through another 4 or 5 minutes of dull tiny clit sex.

The only way you can please me is kneeling at my feet with your little clitty locked away, cleaning my house, handing over your pay check and begging to serve me. You know that's all I want from you, nothing else! You should be paying me for the privilege to be my little bitch and serving me, that's your only purpose for me. Its a privilege to be my bitch, and you should beg me for that privilege everyday! Yes Mistress, I should be on my knees begging to serve you and please you anyway you allow. That's right bitch, you should be! Your worthless to me otherwise. Especially now that I have decided to date John and take pussy completely away and lock away clitty for good. Mistress, PLEASE, PLEASE don't lock it away for good. I promise to be the best bitch ever. I'll do...
Shut it! Your going to be the best bitch ever, you have no choice, and your going to beg me for my big cock. You'll do anything to get it cause you won't be able to help yourself, with clitty locked away, your're going to want it and need it for pleasure. I like it that way, It turns me on to hear you beg me to get big cock, but even more to hear you beg for MY big cock. Your not a man, I don't respect you as a man, and I don't want you as a man, I have a boyfriend for that. Your a pussy whipped, BITCH. I want you to be my bitch. I want you to be my cock loving, feet and ass hole worshiping, cum eating sissy bitch! It makes me wet to hear you scream and moan as I fuck you into submission and to hear you beg me to pound your pussy. It really turns me on knowing I own you, and can control you with out even touching my little clitty, you'll do anything I command just to have my big cock own your pussy. Won't you bitch? Yes Mistress, I'll do anything for your cock. Tell me you love my cock! Mistress I love your cock! Tell me what you'll do to have me own that pussy. Mistress I'll do anything you say, I need your cock. Good, cause its all your going to get from now on and I want you to remember, I want and prefer sex with a real man, not a sissy bitch and I'm going to get that from now on. Your going to clean my house, do my laundry, and service whomever I say. If you fail to obey me, you will be punished severely for it. I'm going to increase punishments and lashes. Its time to take your punishments and then kneel in the corner to think about how to properly serve me. Take off your panties and get in place!

From here I tied him over the spanking bench, then proceeded to bruise and welted his ass up. He received 150 lashes with the cane and leather whip, but that's another event to tell another time.      

Friday, July 28, 2017

The Bull, The Boyfriend

I know there is mention of Bulls and boyfriends, and even lovers through out my blog but I wanted to write something specific and update the topic.

Boyfriends just like bulls have a unique roll to to play in your fun and lifestyle. The main difference between the boyfriend is that he does not interact with your sub and the majority of the time doesn't even know he exist. Boyfriends can be kinky or even freaky, and all guys love a kinky girl in bed, but he may not be into cuckolding and BDSM. Plus he may not be able to handle the fact that you have a significant other, even though he is just your bitch. For those reasons you choose not to tell him of your current lifestyle, and this is best as it allows you to fuck that hot guy your attracted to for as long as you like with out fear of him running away scared. Never the less, boyfriends can be just as much fun as a Bull and are actually vital to a well rounded Fem Dom lifestyle. They add the element of unknowing, suspense, and even jealousy to the sub, and for you the passion, thrill, seduction, and chase that all women thrive for. Boyfriends are chosen as boyfriends for the above reasons but also these are the guys that you are attracted to, make you wet, and want to spend time with. That's not to say that you couldn't feel the same about a Bull or that a Bull couldn't also be a boyfriend, but typically Bulls are less attractive (sometimes barely fuckable, even if that) and are mainly there for the humiliation and deeper submission of your sub....But I'll discuss more on that later. Of course your Boyfriends doesn't have to be a total hunk, its just that you actually have an attraction of some kind to him or he may very well be hot. With that in mind, I wouldn't focus to much on looks or you may be searching for a long time. Instead, find an attraction and go with it because there is plenty of time down the road to find a better looking boyfriend. And you should always be looking!

As I said boyfriends are guys that you are attracted to and you want to spend time with them....Out to dinner, or a movie, or concert, or what ever and then back to his place for some hot passionate sex. Because you want to spend time with them for activities, dates, and sex, your boyfriends are also the guys that you will completely replace your sub with. After all, your subs only purpose to you is support, cleaning, and obeying. Replacing your sub for your boyfriend means you would buy lingerie for him, dress and look sexy for him (let your sub know your doing it all to turn on your boyfriend), go on dates with him, and he is the one you go to for sex as you are essentially dating him. This includes going over to his house for late night sex, early morning sex, lunch time sex, or on the way home from work sex. At some point you may even opt to spend the night, which can be exciting, especially for middle of the night sex or early morning pounding before you go home. With that said, typically, these are also the guys you would want to stop using a condom with early on, you are dating and it is his pussy now right? This gives you better feeling for sex, orgasm, and allows you greater humiliation of your sub. Telling your sub its your boyfriends pussy from now on and bring home a cum filled pussy for him to see as proof. Not using a condom is very humiliating, but being made to clean the mess fuels humiliation and submission (Even just the smell of your sex can bring powerful feelings of submission from him). After all your sex is his sex, even if its with a blind fold on cleaning the after math of your pleasure in how ever manner you choose.

Some Doms choose to date or even be a little serious with that one guy they can't get enough of, thus putting the relationship with the sub as strictly a service bitch. This may be your choice as well, but regardless you should try to include your sub as much as possible with your boyfriend, especially if he will only be your bitch. Do this by having him help you get ready/dressed but only when your not wearing lingerie for him as the lingerie is for your boyfriends eyes only. Also make your sub can take you and pay for(waiting outside the store as you shop) lingerie or sexy clothes for him, or you could show him when you get back what sexy clothes or lingerie you made him buy for your boyfriend. Even listening over the phone from time to time while you get fucked, which is both humiliating and arousing for the sub. Another humiliating thing to consider, and this helps with involving your sub, is that you need to tell him details about your fun night. Especially the sex part; positions, how loud you were screaming, how well and long he fucked you, how many and how strong your orgasms were, how much bigger his cock is (even if its not much bigger, tell him it is) etc. You must tell him about this stuff to keep him involved and jealousy in check. This also keeps him from thinking bad things, I can't tell you enough how much this helps. You will also want to peg him, this will help relate you going on dates and getting fucked to his reward/pleasure (but only peg every 3rd or 4th time you get fucked). Its better if you can peg him immediately when you get home as the effects are far stronger.  Plus you can tell him about the sex as you prepare him for pegging, but either way put your cum filled panties over his head to his nose and tell him about how they got that way. Be creative when including your sub, humiliation is key. Again, including your sub will help him deal with any anxiety or jealousy feelings and it also adds to the humiliation. Its good to have him feel a little bit jealous as it helps keep him submissive but keeping that in check will prevent problems down the road. This is also another reason to be really strict, making him follow all rules and punish for disobeying. Especially if you find that one guy that you want to date long term. Failing to do your part as the Dom will cause problems and I guarantee 100% this new relationship and lifestyle will crash.

You can find boyfriends just about anywhere, out at a bar or club, online dating sites, Tinder, or even Craigslist. There are also Swinger sites that host an assortment of single men who are already into seeing and dating married women. You could even meet one out at a store shopping or getting your oil changed. It doesn't matter where you meet a guy but you can't be shy or nervous to go talk to them. You don't want the guy that caught your attention to get away, so go talk to him....Who cares if he ended up having a girlfriend or what ever but you must try. You should always be looking, and for that reason you should also always look your best. It doesn't even matter if your out with your sub, for all the guy knows is that's your brother or a friend. This brings up another point, you should flirt and talk to guys all the time (unless with a boyfriend or Bull) in front of your sub, make comments about hot guys and the bulge in their pants to help humiliate him.

You can have as many boyfriends as you can handle, but I recommend at least 2 even if your dating. Even if you find that special boyfriend that you can't get enough of. This will help keep things from getting to serious as you could develop more feelings than you should if you had just 1 boyfriend. Its okay to really like a guy, but the L word should never be in the equation. You must remember, even though you are dating another man or men, this is just sex. Its great sex, but just sex and should always be about the sex. The extra stuff involved is just to make the sex better and more exciting but also to help humiliate and submit your sub. If you feel you may be developing feelings, it is your responsibility to end the relationship immediately. You should also never hide anything, no sneaking around or deleting text, you don't have to answer for it, so if you do hide it, it makes you look guilty. This includes not telling you met up with your boyfriend, (not telling is the same as hiding it, and its also not including your sub which you have to do) erasing messages, or phone calls. Besides if anything ever did happen you'll have them as proof. Again, you don't have to answer for anything you do so don't hide it. Also, you need to keep your boyfriend in check if he becomes to clingy. Be careful, you don't want to push him away, just explain that you don't want it to serious. Explain that you like it how it is. Just about any guy can deal with having a girlfriend who gives him sex (especially with out condoms) when ever he wants, goes out with him, and occasionally spends the night if told no more serious than that. Use your best judgment to decide if its time to move on.

Bulls are where the real fun begins and are the epitome of humiliation for your sub. Bulls bring humiliation unmatched by anything else you could do (shy of another female), and every Dom should have at least one or two Bulls. Just by the very fact another man is present and knows of your situation can be very humiliating for your sub, let alone any participation he would have. Bulls are also more likely to have bigger cocks and while the sex usually lacks the passion you would get from a boyfriend, its has power and drive that can be erotic, which is the best sex you can have. Plus it has the added feature of humiliation and involvement of your sub. Of course sex and the type of sex varies from Bull to Bull and Boyfriend to Boyfriend, so if you find that one bull or boyfriend that fucks you really good, makes you wet and you can't quit thinking about the hot sex you have with him, don't let him go!

A Bulls role has multiple aspects in the BDSM/cuckolding lifestyle. First, he can be a sex partner or only for forced anal and oral sex on the sub if you choose that (called being used). Many Doms have bulls that only come to use the sub. Second, he will help humiliate your sub, both verbally and physically, and help you with idea's. Third, he can help with punishments and bondage/positions. Lastly, he gives visual aid and proof as nothing is better than hearing you say his cock is so much bigger than yours and he fucks me way better than you ever could then seeing that bigger cock make you moan and scream to every mind blowing orgasm. As I said above, Bulls are mainly used for the humiliation of your sub, the greater the humiliation, the deeper into submission he will be. There are few things that are on the level of humiliation and arousal at the same time as watching you get fucked while seeing and hearing you scream and moan to that bigger better cock, orgasm after orgasm. These examples also really turn on your Bull and boyfriend as all men find it hot when a girl is sexy; You should be loud when moaning and even louder when you climax (this lets every one know you did, which humiliates the sub and the guy know he is doing the right moves to make you orgasm. Your body actions should show that you love that bigger cock, really arching your back and grabbing the mattress or sheets when being fucked dogie style. Laying your legs out wide to allow him full and deep penetration when fucked missionary style. Also hands under his arms grabbing his back/slight nails in his back switching up with grabbing his ass. Making facial expressions that you never made with your sub that show pure ecstasy and pleasure (again the sub knows you never did that with him, and the guys is extremely turned on that he is rocking your world). You should not be shy to act dirty and talk dirty (all men love that and really love a sexually involved girl) enjoying yourself and show that you are! You also want to make it humiliating by saying comments to the Bull and to the sub about the sex and cock size. Things like, "I love your cock" , "his cock is so much bigger than yours", "he fucks me way better than you", "your cock feels so good", " He hits that spot you can't reach", think of your own as well. After your finished, there are fewer ways more humiliating than having to lick clean the mess, especially if made to do so in front of the bull. Depending on your training , you may have to adapt how its cleaned to suit your situation.

Probably the most humiliating and submissive act you could do to your sub is have him serve and obey your bull and adding forced oral and anal. Having to call him Master, Sir, Boss, or Sire and kneeling and obeying, leading to forced oral or anal, followed by watching or listening to you scream and moan to his bigger cock reinforces the subs only place as a submissive. This can be compounded by him watching up close and using him to pleasure you or the Bull by licking/sucking your ass, toes, nipples or sucking on his balls or cock. Its up to you on how you use the bull to help you, your only limited by your imagination and kink level. DO NOT BE SHY, do what ever ways turn you on and don't be afraid to tell the bull what you want done and what pleases you. That is his purpose there and he knows this, plus he is just as turned on as you by the fact he is in the presence of a dominant women and gets to join in the fun. Trust me, he is a Bull for a reason!

Do not be hung up (pun intended) on looks or dress when it comes to finding a Bull, the most important thing is his cock size and his willingness/experience to be a bull. Lets not forget this is about humiliation for your sub and your participation level is up to you, its also a good way to let your sub be involved even if its not the way he prefers. Some of the best sex I've had has come from guys I was not into at first. Also  a big, big, no no, NEVER say negative things about your boyfriend or bull to your sub, remember this is supposed to be great for you, best sex ever, bigger cock, a real man, thinking about his cock all the time, all the things that make this humiliating for your sub. So don't ruin it by comments or remarks that contradict the humiliation your trying to give. This means if problems arise between you and him, you don't like a certain way he does something, or what ever, keep it to yourself. Its hard to find a Bull and far harder to find a good looking Bull, so as I said before, looks are not important, focus on reason he is there. The best places to find one are; Craig's List - BDSM web sites, like Alt.com, BDSM.com, Passion.com, BDSMSingles.com AdultfriendFinder.com - joining BDSM forums and groups, like FetLife and Collar Space. Place an Ad with pics neck down for yourself, but also place one for him. This is very humiliating to him that you have pics of him waist down wearing a chastity as well as pics of him in bondage soliciting a male to use him . The AD should read" looking for a Bull or alpha male to Dom my bitch" or something along those lines. It must be you that sets it up and all meetings, and only you meet at first. Then once you have found one or several Bulls or Alpha's and figured out whats going to happen, its time to play with your sub. Do not explain anything to your sub, you don't need his approval (the humiliation is the surprise as well as the event) plus its none of his business what you plan, just do it.

When you find one, tell him what you want and how you want it done. Don't be afraid to explore and ask him his input. You need to pick a name that turns you on for your sub to address him, like Bull, Master, Sir, Boss, or Sire. Remember Training is important, you don't want to jump right into having your sub suck his cock (unless you have been training him from the start). You need to train him to do this, which includes you wearing a dildo harness and having your sub suck it, among other things like a long hard caning while explaining he will eventually suck cock or be severely punished. Your subs chastity should always be on when the Bull comes over. Starting out; Your sub will always be on his knees, and at first only serve you directly. When its time for sex the first time start with just humiliation and him watching (up close even) and some participation like sucking your toes. The second time; again have him kneeling at all times and only serve you directly. However this time when its time for sex, its time to do forced cock sucking. Have him in bondage and position of some sort and a mouth spreader in to show he has no choice. Begin by undressing the Bull and yourself, then foreplay (sucking tits, cock and pussy) for a few minutes. Then have the  bull go over and stick his cock into your subs mouth. Make sure he spends a few minutes fucking his mouth and at the same time you cane his ass and tell him to get use to it. Now its time for sex and humiliation, once finished the Bull should go the your sub and again fuck his mouth.  You will do this for the first 4 or 5 times of sex with the bull and remember to train as well. After that; you want your sub on his knees sucking your Bulls cock hard for you and sucking it in between your sex with him. If he refuses, you have not caned him long or hard enough and put your dildo in his mouth enough. But if it does happen, put the mouth spreader in and force him to, as you welt up his ass bright red and blue. When the Bull comes over, be creative and change things up from time to time. You want to make this extremely humiliating for him, so that he is compelled to be submissive and believes his place is serving you. Some things to do; one of you fucking the sub while the other gets cock sucking (remember to be humiliating and smack his ass), Making the sub suck your dildo stuck to a wall while you guys fuck, knell him in the corner after he has sucked your bull hard. Use him while you guys have sex. Come up with things that turn you on and use your toys, Blind fold, ball gag, mouth spreader, dildo's, bondage equipment, crop, cane, what ever you have. Again, experiment, explore, and have fun, you will find that this will turn you on immensely. Something else to consider is finding a Bull or alpha male (bi or gay even) who's only purpose is to dom and use your sub. Either with you there or while you spend the night at your boyfriends. Your choice, but remember its all about the humiliation! *note Strict training and punishments will need to be used for this.

Bull or Boyfriend, you should be having sex regularly, at least 3-4 times a week. You must show that you love the sex, that you want to have it, and can't wait to get it. That it last longer and is way better with them over your sub. On the same note, again once you've found the Bull or boyfriend with that awesome cock, and you really love the sex with him, don't let him go and keep your sub involved one way or another.  Enjoy!    

Sunday, January 1, 2017

Serving Two Dom's,

                                SERVING TWO DOM'S


My story is probably not unlike yours, as I think every dominant woman has to find the power inside to take her natural place as the authority in the household. For me it took about a year to realize to get what I wanted from him I had accept that I needed to change my whole demeanor and outlook on what our relationship use to be, to how I really wanted it. This was just as important as training in order to help bring out the submission in him. I had to stop looking at our relationship as a married couple with equality and treat it as a matriarch, me as the Dominant and him as the submissive. I had to envision that I wanted him on his knees serving me, but also serving me properly, and there is a major difference in being properly served. To get that I had to become the ruthless bitch I read about from so many other Blogs by Dominatrix. I wanted him to show his submission to me every minute of the day, open doors, pulling out my chair, calling me Mistress, bowing his head as I spoke or stood up in his presence, rubbing and worshiping my feet etc. I didn't want any back talk, or him questing me, and I certainly didn't want to have him interfere with who I fucked. Yes just like many thousands of other women in this lifestyle, I got a taste of power and great sex and I never wanted to give that up. But as much as I love the bigger dicks and far better sex, and I mean I do love it, I love the power side of it just as much. I want to be in charge, and do as I please and fuck whom I want when I want. I don't want to ask him or get an ok from him to do anything, plus I love to hear him beg to serve me and watch him obey my every command. I also love to see him kneeling naked in front of me with his tiny worm penis locked in his pink chastity and I love hearing him scream in pain from the punishments he gets for not obeying me properly. So to get what I wanted I was going to have to be mean and strict, controlling and dominant. I was also going to need enforce the rules I laid out and to punish him severely for every rule he broke with out going easy on him, and I did. I was very strict, and spoke to him with a strong forceful tone of voice. I made him follow every rule 24/7 and made him scream and beg me to stop from punishments for not following orders or rules. He had welts and bruises on his ass for days and if he failed in submission the second or third day, he got another round harder and longer than before.  After I made those adjustments and really enforced the rules and chores, I noticed a big change in his attitude and willingness to submit. I followed all the Dominatrix guides of training, no pussy, chastity, etc. and changed the cuckolding theme by adding a Bull to the list of guys I would fuck on a regular basis.

There was always a difference in his submission when I fucked other men, especially if he was able to see or hear it. But by increasing the number of times I got fucked a week and adding a Bull to mix made a significant difference. That's when I really noticed a major change in in how submissive he would be, not to mention how powerful it made me feel and how much it really turned me on. You see, the fear of punishments made him obey with out question, but it was him knowing I really loved being fucked and preferred sex with more endowed men over him that made his submission more sincere. Especially if able to watch, or hear me moan and scream from all the orgasms I'd have, because he would really know just how much I enjoyed their dicks over his. That's why a Bull is perfect, because he doesn't care if the bitch is watching or listening from the corner or another room. He actually is turned on by putting the bitch in his place and rubbing his nose in the fact I prefer sex with him over my bitch. There is no real way to describe the impact of being able in inflict humiliation on that level that only a bull can bring. I'm talking everything from verbal and watching us fucking up close to forced oral and sex, to even punishments. Of course we had to build up to the serious humiliation aspects of it, especially the first time he was made to lick another mans cum up. At first John (my Bull) and I took it slow by doing basic stuff like me humiliating him about how small his dick was, especially compared to Johns, and telling him how much I loved John's dick over his. I always tied him down one way or another, sometimes allowed to watch and sometimes being blind folded only able to listen. He would also fetch us drinks and towels for after sex, and even made to buy lingerie for me to wear for John and Condoms for John to fuck me with (that helped add to the humiliation). After the forth play time John and I both started humiliating him, and I would put my sub in one bondage position or another with a mouth spreader in and John would fuck his mouth for a bit prior to sex with me. After 4 or 5 more times of forced oral and hard training which included him sucking my dildo added with a mixture of 125 hard leather strap and caning lashes while shouting orders to suck that big dick and please it like a good little bitch, as well as other humiliation. It was also explained and drilled into his mind that he would be sucking Johns dick promptly when ordered. Then I explained that resisting an order to suck john would result in the mouth spreader being inserted and forced to do it anyway followed by 250 leather/caning lashes and loss of free time, privileges, and his allowance for a month. He realized there was nothing he could do but accept sucking Johns dick especially after repeating this the next 3 days. Now we started forcing him to suck John hard prior to our fucking, I would of course have the cane in hand for him to see as he was ordered to suck and even smacked his ass hard a few times while he sucked telling him to suck it better. Shortly there after we occasionally made him service us before, during or after sex especially for clean up duty. After a month or so, John was ordering him around as much as me, and I must say it really turned me on. John would have me wear my strap-on and have him suck it while he smacked his ass and we both humiliated him about being a bitch and becoming a sissy. He would then have him suck his cock as I caned him, and then order me to fuck him. Hearing my Sub moan while gagging trying to suck Johns cock turned us both on immensely, which lead to me leaving my dildo shoved in his ass and some hot passionate sex with me and John!

As one month turned into two months, John and I started fucking with out condoms and by now my Sub was very submissive and quite the little sissy. It was John's pussy and he was no longer allowed to see or touch Johns pussy. We had started making him wear panties and he served John with equal amounts of submissiveness as he would me. I would even take him to Johns house to clean or wash his car as we fucked with the bedroom door open so he could hear me scream with every mind blowing orgasm, and I had many of those every time we fucked! Regardless who's house we were fucking at, after we would finish, John or I would call him in to first kneel at our feet and thank John for pleasing me the way he never could and for taking away pussy from him so that he could serve better. Then he was ordered to smell the cum spot on the sheet, then lick the sheets clean as we both humiliated him and degraded him about how much of a pathetic bitch he was and that this would be his place from now on. Then John would have him suck the pussy juice and cum off his dick as I would kiss John and use my fingers to scoop out as much cum as I could and hand feed it to him in lieu of him licking my pussy clean since John forbid him to touch or see it. We would use him every way we could think of to enhance our sex, humiliate and degrade him, and punish him. He would be kneeling naked with his little chastity on, at our feet while we watched a movie, or ate dinner (he would cook or pay for it and serve it) or just had foreplay before sex. All of this turned me on so much, I never knew I could get so hot and turned on especially when John started fucking my sub.

John knew it humiliated my sub to be treated as a bitch by us, but to be fucked by him when ever he wanted, really made him feel humiliation on a different level especially when he was informed that his tiny pecker would be permanently lock away and treated like a sissy slut. We both knew this was the no turning back point for my Sub, to take his place from then on, and I really wanted it. I wanted him serving me, and I wanted to fuck whom ever I wanted, when ever I wanted with him being the perfect little sissy, cleaning and serving me the whole time. John made sure he knew we owned him and that anal pussy of his. From the first time John fucked him with out a condom, and told him why. Cause we owed his ass, and his ass was there to give his big dick pleasure, no different from his mouth. The first time my sub was not very vocal, and didn't really enjoy it. He was very humiliated at being taken by a much larger dick than his and knowing this would be his fate on a regular basis. He was now a true sissy slave, and his only purpose would be to serve and obey me, which is exactly what I wanted. John did not wait for his tight ass to accept his dick, he slid it in slowly and immediately started fucking. He would however start off slow before he starting pounding him. It really turned me on watching him get taken for the first time, but even more so in the days to come as my sub eventually started accepting Johns cock. He would moan and scream as john fucked his ass into submission, having my sub scream out when he said, who's bitch are you?, "Your bitch Sir!!", You want me to own that ass, don't you? "yes sir, please own my ass!!" It really, really turned me on to hear him scream and moan into submission by John while listening to the lock on his chastity smack back and forth from the intensity of John pounding him.

John would smack his ass hard as he pounded him, telling him to squeeze his pussy muscles tight on his dick, sometimes he would stop fucking him, grab him by the hair of the head and tell him, "this isn't for your pleasure its mine now squeeze those pussy muscles harder and hold it tight for me", followed by a series of hard ass smacks and my sub saying "yes sir" . I could tell he was squeezing johns cock with all he had because his face was squinting and he wasn't moaning as loudly. John would pull out and cum on his ass, the bed or my tits for him to lick off. Eventually it became the norm that my Sub would obey John and routinely suck and get fucked by John. This was great because I had stopped touching his tiny member and locked it away permanently, so getting fucked by me or John, or whom ever I said, was his reward for becoming my lifetime sissy bitch. This was the best kind of reward because fucking him would build his need for release as it teased him because anal fucking does not give orgasm only pleasure that builds and goes no where. I also started dating a another female (I didn't mix her with John), and believe it or not, she was more strict and humiliating than John was. She was especially cruel and degrading, finding was to humiliate and make him suffer, like; fucking him with a ice dildo - icy hot on his balls - a ball stretcher with pins in it- spitting or pissing on his face- making him run ads on bi/gay web sites and then made to service these guys - instead of milking him she would tie him all four limbs to bed post and spank his balls with a crop steadily and firmly until they released cum(I didn't even know that was possible) - use ice on his balls until they were numb then drip hot candle wax on them to burn back the sensation - make him shave all pubic and under arm hair - She would use ginger root in his ass while she mercilessly used a cane on his ass until his bottom was black and blue - and even doming him in public when the three of us were out. Of course he was also never allowed to see or touch her pussy, he did lots of oral on her strap on dildo. This ended up with us girls tying him down on all four's with a butt plug in, a blind fold on and made to suck a dildo while we fucked each other and played. We almost always finished by making him lick the dildo's clean, as we took turns fucking him. She just another level of fun with my sissy, and I still play with other men, and John. I could never go back to a husband and wife life because I couldn't be more happier or sexually satisfied than I am now. Besides, even though it took some time to show him his natural place, my bitch is just as happy and sexually fulfilled participating in my sexual fulfillment. Who knew welting his ass up severely and being a cruel, dominant slut would make me this happy and give me the best life with the best sex I ever had. Looking back my only regret is that I should have done this sooner, and wish I would have realized it was my own fault that I didn't use my power properly or be the dominant I should have been. With that said, if you don't have your slave/bitch obeying you properly or find him rebelling or resisting your control, its YOUR fault because your the one with the power to make it happen! Hopefully my story helps you make the changes you need to in order to get what you want.

Thursday, December 1, 2016

The Science Behind the Power

A special thanks to Susan Anderson for sharing this with us. Susan works for one of the worlds leading private research facilities and specializes in sexual behavior and psychology. she has a PhD in psychology and a masters in neuroscience and biomedical research.  

Sexual Control is using the brain's own chemicals to take control and modify actions, behavior, feelings, and thoughts of the male. This process is called mental subjugation and is achieved by building and maintaining a high arousal state for a repeated, extensive amount of time causing the over production of testosterone and neurochemicals through out the brain. This forces the break down of specific brain functions associated with thought, behavior, and reasoning as well as other parts of the brain that control emotions and muscle control. This action puts the male into a submissive, trance or hypnotic state which makes him amenable and susceptible to reconditioning and control. In this state he's unable to reason, think for himself, and resist commands or training making him submissive. There are several levels of this trance like state ranging from low to completely hypnotic depending on the amount of time spent and the level of build up in the brain. The Neurochemicals produced also control and activate key parts of the brain like the pleasure circuit. This circuit is activated by stimulating erogenous zones/nerve endings on the head of the penis, anus and prostate. When active the pleasure circuit releases dopamine, another neurochemical. Dopamine is the brains own erotic feel good drug, it is addictive and most of the reason he will repeat submissive acts and find pleasure in yours. Dopamine activates the pleasure center of the brain called the nucleus accumbens which rewards you for having sex. The increased production of Dopamine puts the circuit into over drive effecting reasoning and thought, boosting the submissive state.  Through normal sex or the continued stimulation of the correct erogenous zone, orgasm is achieved giving the release of Endorphin's, Oxycontin, Dopamine, Adrenaline, and other chemicals that are associated with climax which dissolve and eliminate the build up of key neurochemicales. For this reason it is highly recommended that he never obtain orgasm. Only the head of the penis and anal/prostate stimulation is given. The nucleus accumbens is also responsible for addictive things like cigarettes and drugs. This is also the section of the brain which remembers pleasure and causes you to repeat pleasurable things (like having sex). This is a key part of the brain used in reconditioning of the male and why strict disciplined training is so important as you will chemically imprint on his brain that serving and obey you, is sexually satisfying to him thus changing what he use to derive his pleasure from to what pleases you. So even though he won't be rewarded with actual sex acts his brain will be tricked into thinking that obeying and serving you is a sexual reward. Which is why you may see his penis get a full or partial erection watching you have sex, being humiliated, by doing chores or obeying you.

 During this process and at the same time as building the arousal state, the Dominatrix will refocus his attention and desires of sex towards obeying and serving her as well as how he perceives pleasure (This is the actual ongoing training part). This gives the Dom the ability to implement her rules, control and commands, making her will his own and her pleasure his only priority. This entire process involves *edging* (testosterone build up) the repeated prolonged genital, anal, and prostate stimulation. The stimulation is done by building and keeping him *on edge* to just before the point the orgasm occurs, this is the state when arousal and neurochemicales are highest and when he is most susceptible to control and reprogramming. This edging procedure, is done daily over weeks and months, is what builds up and maintains the build up of neurochemicals and testosterone. The excessive testosterone levels boost his energy and are what drive the desperate need for orgasm. The use of a chastity device is needed to prevent definite masturbation. Elevated amounts of testosterone can causes an aggressive like sexual behavior (especially in single males) but when excessive amounts are produced without orgasm, it actually does the opposite causing the male to become submissive. When denied, the inability to orgasm forces the brain to over react and release more neurochemicls that control the emotional part of the brain which only deepens his submissiveness. After approximately a month or so (varies by male) of this daily process along with strict training and discipline, the male may lose emotional control. He may act out, BEG or even cry with tears for release. This means the process is working,  DO NOT GIVE IN or feel sorry for him. Now is the most important time to be dominant, mean, and aggressive towards him, strongly humiliate and enforce your rule over him. This is another reason why strict discipline training is so important because at this point he can become an emotional fire ball causing problems with your training. The longer the stimulation of the male gentiles and the longer the time at which its done, the more the buildup and retention of the neurochemicals. This build up combined with verbal and physical reconditioning and enforcement of desirable behavior, ( also called training) forces the male to be at a submissive and controllable state. Training is reinforced with severe punishments to the point where the entire process has completely reconditioned and reprogrammed the male to your desired submissive state which leads to the finial phase of sexual control. This phase is called the acceptance phase, and is where the male has accepted his place as her submissive. He wants to serve and obey the mistress and now truly believes that it is his place and purpose. He now understands his place and his only purpose to you. He has been chemically, mentally, and physically emasculated to the point he has been broke, his male ego, will, and resistance to your authority is gone. He now gets sexual pleasure from serving and obeying his mistress and accepts she is being pleased sexually by a better more endowed man. He understands that he cannot in no way satisfy pussy and that the pleasure of pussy is only gifted to a better longer lasting, more endowed man and he looks to please pussy in other ways. He no longer thinks of pussy as an equal or pleasure he can ever attain but a power that is completely off limits, and meant to serve. He is now truly your SLAVE! At this point training is far less often but still required (once or twice a week) but rule enforcement and severe punishments are especially continued to keep control. You may choose to permanently chastise him and take a lover or boyfriend to completely replace him in bed. What ever you choose its your way from now on!  

Sexual Control is actually a natural event unknowingly exercised by women on a smaller scale every day and by all aspects and ages of women. It is effective only with men, predominately married men. The Sexual control procedure described above is exploiting and taking advantages of the natural chemical submission process mainly found and undergone by married men although some single males are effected the same way. This procedure requires uninterrupted and consecutive training days/weeks/months and strict guidelines which include complete loss of orgasm, restricted penis stimulation (head only), cuckolding, pegging/strap-on, bondage, and the use of a chastity device. The requirements call for a dedicated, demanding, strict woman (referred as a Mistress or Dominatrix) and the use of severe punishment and reward system to distinguish between acceptable and non-acceptable behavior and actions. Feeling sorry, pity, or going easy on the male will have adverse effects towards training and desired attitude of the male. Rewards never include sex and vary by Dom depending on her type of training, but can include seeing, licking or smelling pussy, watching the Dom have sex, and free time. Any deterring from the course including Drama, fights or arguments will cause the release of counter acting neurochemicls greatly diminishing the submissive state. this will cause undesired effects and delays in training time and could ultimately cause failure of the process. This is why daily training, being a very strict dom, and extreme punishments are so vital for mental and physical change of the male.

After about 5 days of *edging* the male begins to be chemically hypnotized by the prolonged build up and surge of neurochemicals. After a few weeks to a month of correct stimulation and training the male will begin to experience mental loss of control or helplessness and a deeper hypnotic state. This is greatly expedited by verbal (small penis and his bigger penis) and physical (watching you have sex) humiliation. This is mostly because the orbito frontal cortex section of the brain is shutting down. This is the front section of the brain that controls thought, behavior, and reasoning. This section of the brain can be clouded because of extreme libido/horniness making him easily manipulated or even controlled, this is how trained sexually seductive women (like strippers) procure money from men. However it normally only completely shuts down during orgasm. It is the prolonged, extreme build up of the right neurochemicales that force the cortex to shut down, with out orgasm. This is the highest level of trance like- hypnotic state he will achieve. At this point he will have feelings that he is week, unable to control himself or the situation, submissive and unable to resist anything you say or command. He simply can't at this point, and he will agree to anything you say or submit to anything commanded of him, This is the time the dominatrix will implement forced bi-sex acts if she is pursuing sissy training. At this point you will create his new purpose to you and tell him what he is and how he will be, you will tell him whats expected of him and his proper place. This is the point you want to build him to daily and keep him there for as long as possible. At least an hour after build up and for a minimum of 2 or 3 months or until you see he has completely been broken and submitted fully to anything and every thing you say or command. Everything you train him for is eventually what he will want, he will believe that his natural place is serving and obeying you. He will want nothing else as it will feel natural and pleasing to him. He will remain sexually loyal to you, with out the ability to cheat, in fact he will have trouble getting/keeping an erection with out your participation or interaction. His sexual fantasies and pleasure will revolve around you having sex and what pleases you....His happiness will rely on serving and obey you.

As mentioned, it is the flood and build up of neurochemicals that force parts of the brain to over load and stop functioning or go into over drive giving you the ability to train him. This however is not long term and only happens after the build up occurs daily and only after the build up period has reached around 5 days. The chemicals will steadily build as long as the above mentioned process is done (min one hour) daily or at least within 24 hours of the last training time. Any longer than that, the build up will steadily decline. When done properly, with time, and with strict training, the level of build up will continue till he is unable to handle the euphoric feeling and lack of release, causing him to completely accept his submission and your authority over him. Like any drug it will wear off in time so it is vital that you remain strict, demanding, and always punish severely to reinforce the training from now on. It is also highly recommended that before, during, and after daily training, you keep him focused on his submission, purpose, rules, and chores with out interference (like unneeded communication, arguments, or stress). Keeping the levels high as possible day in and day out for months will make him submissive and chemically rewire his thoughts and reasoning process to the way you train him. With proper training and punishments he will get aroused by doing his chores and obeying you and it is this that will help keep the cycle going after training is over. During and especially after training you must keep his sexual energy and libido high to maintain a certain level of neurochemicls. This is easily achieved by simply being sexy, acting your part, enforcing rules, humiliating, and being sexually promiscuous or cuckolding.

*Caution* at no point do you want to allow your male release through his penis. Release/orgasm with his penis releases another neurochemical called Prolactin, which relieves sexual arousal and loss of interest and libido. This greatly diminishes submissiveness and the build up of the key chemicals that control his thoughts and behavior. Thus you should watch closely for any signs of ejaculating leading to orgasm. It is near impossible for an orgasm to come from anal/prostate play or pegging alone with out penis stimulation. It is also harder but not impossible to reach orgasm through the stimulation of the penis head alone. However if stimulated together, the chance of orgasm is more likely. To be safe watch closely and limit stimulating both at the same time. The male actually reaches higher levels of pleasure through anal and prostate play which is possible because the the greater number of nerve endings and nerve transmitters to the brain. This makes it possible for increased submissiveness and quicker build up time.  Prostate milking the male is recommended 2-3 times per month to reduce the back up of seminal fluid into the bladder and other heath risks. This does lower the testosterone level for a short period of time lowering the libido mildly, but it is quickly recovered during the next training session. However it does prevent the loss of neurochemicls which is longer and harder to recover and greatly reduces the possibility of orgasm during stimulation of the penis. Many Dominatrix use the milking in a humiliating way and sexually humiliate the male during the process. This is further accomplished by demanding he lick and consume the discharged fluid.

This process has been studied and documented by myself and a small group of 7 female colleagues for over 3 years using a selected group of 220 males and 40 females. The males came from various work back grounds, education levels and varied in age from 25 to 45. The females were not asked, and varied in age from 21 to 41. The group consisted of married couples, dating couples, and singles. Our purpose was to see if there would be any difference with age or education of the males when studied. We used structural magnetic resonance imaging, various MRI's, electroencephalography, and various techniques including ATLUM, and Brainbow combined with constant supervision and documented everything. 

The results were conclusive and varied slightly from male to male with each controlled group, but the facts and findings were the same across the groups; Men can be, under the right circumstances and process, be sexually and physically controlled and reprogrammed. During these tests we found a few unexpected results as follows; The men in the sexual control groups were more sexually content or satisfied, even when denied sex altogether versus men not assigned to control groups and allowed sex twice a week. This was especially the case with men in groups where the women and submissive were married or long term dating plus were very strict and controlling, with harsh punishments. We believe that this is because even though men allowed access to sex are satisfied after orgasm, its short lived because the urge for release builds back after a short time. However, men in the control groups without orgasm were physically and chemically reprogrammed and trained that serving, obeying and watching their mate have sex was their pleasure. Thus being rewarded "sexually" multiple times through out a day, but the biggest gain of sexual reward being had while allowed to watch his mate have sex. These same submissive men were also more and in some cases only sexually aroused by their female Dominants versus being allowed to interact sexually with other non dominating women. This was evident to the point most could not even achieve or maintain an erection with out involvement from their Dominant partner. We found all evidence was more supportive with married men as apposed to single men as a whole. This evidence also supports the "domesticated theory" of men in long term marriage of 5+ years I posted last year. *a must read* 

We also noticed that at the same time the women in these control groups were more blissful and lively with a higher libido than women who were not in the control groups and had only one sex partner, married or not. They were also much more sexually euphoric, and eager to have sex more often when pared with multiple sex partners while denying their mate. This in particular was not a surprise to us because of prior research done by another university, summarized as follows; Women with multiple sex partners were more sexually satisfied having a higher quality of orgasms and experienced them more frequently and multiple times during intercourse versus women with only one mate. They found that women experience pleasure/orgasms on many levels, (far surpassing that of men) each from different erogenous zones on their body and that larger penis size does play a role in the higher level of orgasms they experience.....Specifically thickness over length. They also found that women enjoyed and preferred the quality and variation of sex as well as the level of orgasm its self, using both to judge their overall sexual satisfaction. Where as men (especially married men) were more focused on the climax and judged their overall sexual satisfaction based on how many they achieved per week. Meaning men in general were sexually happy with only one women giving them sex regularly or as wanted and women in general were sexually happier with multiple sex partners which attributed to higher quality of sex itself. The study also found single men or men with out regular access to sex, instinctively had more tendency to sexually please women (more/longer forplay, lasting longer etc.) than married men. Which suggest that men with out regular access to vaginal sex try to please the women in hopes he may be offered return visits. It also found that married men on average, especially 5+ years drastically lacked the ability to sexually satisfy his mate with problems ranging from Impotence, pre-mature ejaculation, stamina, to even size. All of this in conclusion means several things; That men experience and relate to sex/pleasure mostly (not entirely) through the simple act of climax/orgasm and not the act of sex its self,  regardless of how its achieved or who its with and all men are limited to the level of pleasure that climax gives. They experience sex about the same every time no matter the sex partner and it is the frequency of the orgasm that matters most to them. So contrary to earlier biased male publications and lies, its not the number of women men need to have sex with to be sexually fulfilled or happy, its the number of orgasms a male has in a given period reguardless if its one women or several. This by design means men were meant to have only one sex partner were as women derive pleasure from the sex acts, sexual experience, and variation as well as the climax for full sexual satisfaction.....all only provided by multiple sex partners. This also is supported by the ability for most women to have multiple orgasms and men have only one, among other things.

Over the past 40 years the study and publication of sexual behavior between men and women has been biased. Its been favorably altered to suit male interest or believes and fears despite actual scientific findings. This was done because of fear for loss of power or authority in the household leading to the natural place of married men as servants to their wives....but also sexual control of women for easy access to unearned sex. Female interest and desires have been suppressed or lied about to persuade public belief and more specifically the women them selves, that women are more monogamous preferring one sex partner to be sexually happy and are sexually passive while men are more dominant and wanting multiple sex partners to be happy when it comes to sex. While that may be somewhat true in some cases or small percent, evidence supports the opposite for the mass majority of men and women. Research shows that women are the more powerful sex, the drive and sexual energy when it comes to sex, this is why so many ads depict women sexually to sell product. It also shows that women (if not sexually suppressed) have a higher sex drive then men, its just used and focused differently. True men may have the drive to have sex more frequently, but that's not the same as sexual power and that can be accomplished by one woman with any size or shape vagina. Its also true that women desire being pursued, variation, and quality of sex which only multiple partners can give, and they also desire fulfillment that only larger penis size can give and most often that's not with their mate/husband. Studies also show we were also built for pleasure via having the only organ built specifically for sex (the clit), over triple the amount of nerve endings over men, ability to experience orgasms in all three erogenous zones and on multiple levels delivered through multiple pathways. Its been in recent years that researchers and scientist have actually began to study and publicize unbiased findings and its our goal to do the same. This practice of male sexual control has been around for thousands of years and its been the very skilled women who have used this art to get what they want in life, women have used this skill to control some of the most powerful men in history, like Cleopatra. I have been in this lifestyle myself for years and wanted to know the reason why men verses women were so easily controlled. This is why I started this study, to see how deep the male could go and be controlled and why.


Tuesday, July 5, 2016

How to be a Strict and Demanding Mistress

Words of wisdom from a good friend
"It is very crucial and vital that you are an aggressive Dominant. That you are demanding, strict, and unyielding when training, punishing and treating your slave as you should be 24/7."  

"That's your main job making sure he stays submissive and in his place. His complete submission and commitment to serve you, depends on you treating him like the bitch you want him to be. Constant, strict discipline and punished severely for any rule breaking. That's the key to getting the begging submissive that waits on you hand and foot, never back talks and begs you to get fucked."
                                                                                                               -Miss Quinn 2015-

Being strict and demanding is easy, you just need to have the right attitude and mindset for it. Its finding ways to do it in public or around friends and relatives that can be a challenge. There should be no excuse on your part for not being a proper dominant and taking your role serious. It is your responsibility to make him follow the rules, punish if he doesn't, and do training nights. This means you make time, you plan, you make it happen, you see it through. He needs to see the dominant, take charge side to open up and start submitting, not the "I'm to tired, your in trouble tomorrow", or other excuses you have used. A good Dominatrix knows this and plans for everything. She knows what she wants and she does everything to make it happen.What do you really want, a submissive, obeying bitch or a mouthy, asking questions, and forcing his input husband, cause you will get out of this what you put into it! So why is it so important and vital to always be strict and demanding, and to punish severely for unruliness? Well for one it sets his place so that he knows exactly where his place is, whats expected of him, and the consequences for disobedience. Also, so there is never any doubt of where his place is and he never confuses his place as an equal to you or that he has any say so. That's what this is all about, him being in his place, serving his mistress and focusing on your desires. This is what you want so make it happen and don't waste your time. This is not a part time lifestyle, or an on again, off again commitment, this is 24/7/365 and anything else will result in failure. Being a strict, demanding dominant also sends a clear message to him that you are and will be in charge, the boss, and only authority. This shows you are serious and will take no bullshit or excuses from him which will further your control over him.

But the main reason to be a strict and demanding bitch is thats what works to get results and it will also pay off in the long run. You see the first few weeks, the urge to orgasm is low but building with intensity, this is the beginning phase and the easy part. After a month or so of training, no pussy, and no orgasms, the elevated hormones will put him in a sex craved frenzy and cause him to rebel or possibly explode with a temper tantrum to find a reason to have sex. If you haven't done your job and put him in his proper place this whole time he will respond in negative ways and say he doesn't want to be the submissive anymore. He will pick fights or argue to ruin all your work to get you to give in and have sex with him. This is not his fault, its the surge of elevated chemicals in his brain that makes him lash out and become emotionally disruptive. But if PROPER, strict, and demanding training has been done, those same surge of chemicals will have a reverse affect causing the fall to a submissive state, feeling helpless to do anything about his situation, but surrender and submit to your authority. That's the power of punishment yielded by a smart Dominatrix and thus why being so strict and demanding at all times is so vital. Reinforcing back talk, unruly behavior, or disobedience with severe punishment is the way to get the obedient submissive you desire, and it works. There is absolutely nothing that will change an attitude and bring out submissiveness in a disobedient slave like a severe round of 100 spankings with a mix of paddle, crop, belt, and cane across his ass. I'm talking beating to tears type of spanking that will leave welts and bruises that he will feel for a week every time he kneels. It will reinforce that he has no power, no say so or choice in all matters, rules, chores and especially sex. It will help maintain your power and authority on days when training has lapsed for what ever reason and it will shorten the training time for him. Plus it forces him to be submissive to you because he will fear you, thinking back to the beating he felt the last time he got mouthy. It also helps in reinforcing that his place is serving you, all of which will keep him from back talk or questioning you or your motives (especially if he is punished severely for those acts, which he definitely should be).

There are many ways and practices used in the lifestyle to dominate or rule your slave, but they all use  punishments and the proper tone and aggressiveness when speaking to and training the male slave in order to be successful. If you want to be successful, regardless of the rules and training path you choose, you must take your role as his Mistress serious and enforce your rules as well as punish for disobedience. You must change your old roles and old lifestyle of "husband/wife" to what you really want as the Dominatrix/slave lifestyle. When I speak to give an order I say it in a firm voice, "get me a soda" I sometimes say "NOW" at the end of orders to help motivate him faster. With that same mind set, you should never ask him to do anything and if he is slow moving obeying orders, then speak in a louder tone and repeat the order or say "do it now". Being strict means you make him follow every rule, always and he should always be on his knees, naked! You have no excuse, and there is no excuse for not being the dominant you need to be and forcing him to be the slave you want him to be and your success depends on it. If you are in public or places that would prohibit normal submission, come up with other ways that would allow him to show his place as your submissive, like opening all doors for you or you ordering his food. Either way, ALWAYS make him follow the rules and be the bitch you want him to be.

One girl told me she treats her Sub like a dog. She always speaks in a firm, demanding voice and uses simple phrases or one word orders like knell or shut up. She snaps her fingers and points to the floor and he knows what to do. She makes him eat on the floor out of a dog dish or plate designated as his dish. He sleeps on the floor and is treated like a bitch at all times, of course he had to be trained this way. She also uses words like good boy, with a little rub on his chastity area when he has done whats expected. This is on track as the slave term "BITCH" actually originates from that sort of practice. However you need to be more than this, more aggressive and take no shit stance. You need to be a ruthless mean bitch, and your attitude and demeanor needs to reflect that your in control. Another girl told me that she treats her bitch like an unruly child, calling him bitch or a girly name, and having him dress like a sissy. She uses corporal punishments and corner time just because she can and its 10 fold worse with disobedience. Again this is in line with how things should be, but the best way I've heard is from a dominatrix that said she treats her sub hubby like a stranger with no emotional ties. She has completely deferred his status and purpose as her husband to his more suited status as her bitch and his only purpose is serving her. She doesn't let feelings or emotions get in the way of how she treats him or punishes him, in fact she is down right ruthless towards him especially with regards to punishing him for disobedience. She said that while she loves him dearly, it doesn't change his place as her bitch and how he should be treated. He is after all her bitch, which is exactly what she wants him to be and is in the place she wants him to be. His begging and tears from brutal spankings do not cause her to go easy on him, it helps her to know she's on the right track, especially by how truly submissive and eager he is to please her the next few days after a good hard beating, I completely agree....

I look at it like this, and you should too, my relationship has changed to the way I want it, I'm the boss and he obeys me period. I dont care about his thoughts and feelings on the matter, it wouldn't change my choice anyway. I don't want an equal, I don't want his input, I don't want sex from him, and I really don't want to hear anything out of him but yes or no mistress or begging to please me. Actually, I don't even want our relationship to consist of husband and wife, I want it to be more of how it should be, "Mistress and bitch". I mean that's what he is here for, to serve and obey me, to be my bitch. That aside from his money is the only thing I want out him and when it comes to sex I want a real man, not a bitch with a little penis who can't last more than 4-5 minutes. Don't get me wrong, I love him deeply, and would never choose anyone over him but I don't let that get in the way of his purpose to me, his training, and punishments. I want him to know his place and beg to be there. I want him to accept being my bitch and his submission to me. I want him to accept that his little clit doesn't please me the way I deserve and is locked away 24/7 to focus on his real purpose, serving me they way he should, and I deserve. His only purpose for me is serving, following commands, and obeying with out back talk or question. He is here for the sole purpose to please me in any way I see fit and make my life better. He is never to ask or question me about whom I'm fucking, where I'll be, or when I'll come home or anything else. To do so would be a punishment so severe he wouldn't ever forget it. And because I'm so strict and control him like that he is always happily submissive and eager to obey but more importantly, turned on by it. I do what I want, when I want to and that is how it should be.

My sex life is none of his business, but I do tell him the juicy parts to humiliate him, more detailed when training. I want him to be humiliated about his little clit and inability to please me. I want him to be humiliated about me thinking about and fucking real men with bigger cocks that can last longer. I also want him humiliated that he isn't allowed anything to do with pussy, and that I truly prefer fucking other men over him. I also want him humiliated that he has to wear panties and get fucked like a sissy bitch to get pleasure. Notice I said PLEASURE, because when I allow it, that's all he gets as he is never allowed to cum or feel an orgasm. Fucking him with my strap-on will only give pleasure as its impossible to orgasm from just fucking him with out penis stimulation. Humiliation is the second strongest tool and form of control, that brings out his submissiveness and forces him to take his place. It actually makes slaves more submissive and eager to please being thought of and treated just like the bitch he is. The more you are cruel, humiliating, strict, and demanding, the more they are submissive and eager to obey, especially when punished severely for not doing so. The more I get fucked, the more submissive he is and willing to serve and obey me. Being this way towards him and fucking other men several times a week makes him very submissive and willing to do anything I say or want. He understands he must do what he can to please me because I am definitely being pleased sexually by other men which further reinforces his only reason and place. Its an erotic, blissful cycle, one I never want to give up or go back to the way it was!

He will never have an orgasm with his penis again or put his tiny worthless worm in pussy again. In fact he isn't allowed anything to do with pussy and I mean nothing except for the rare times he watches me get fucked, allowed to smell pussy through my panties, or when he's licking my clit as i'm getting pounded by big cock....All of which I do in humiliating ways. That's how I want it, that's how it is, that's how its going to be. I keep it this way because its a form of control, it works best, and it really turns me on. Being strict keeps him submissive, and keeps him under control. Being strict is keeping him on his knees and making him do things to serve and obey you. When you demand his submission and punish for all his failures or rule breaking he will fear not obeying you, he will fear you and always do as he is told. Making him follow the rules full time keeps him in check and keeps him submissive. He is happy serving me and even happier that I treat him this way and so am I. All slaves and bitches feel this way, Trust me, even yours. They would rather serve and watch us have sex then have sex them self. In fact, after trained properly they are almost not even capable of getting an erection with out our devious input or interactions. They really don't look at other women and will not desire sex with another women. They only desire their the pleasure the way we give it. They have come to realize that its better for them this way and that they reach levels of satisfaction they never knew possible.  

 Being strict and demanding is a must, but it means nothing if you don't back it up with punishments or make him follow the rules and obey orders.  Punish harshly for rule breaking, back talking, asking inappropriate questions, speaking with out permission, or even failure to show his submission. Do not take any bull shit from him and punish if he gives it. If you want things different and you want them your way, follow my advice above and you will never regret it. Once you do it for a few days to a week you will see a change in his attitude and submission, and you will see a bitch that longs to serve and obey his mistress.  

Monday, July 4, 2016

Proper Pegging and Technique

Pegging is just the proper word in the BDSM community for fucking your man in the ass with your strap-on. At first he will resist, begging you not to, and even think its gay. There is nothing gay about it and it will become one of your most valuable tools to keep him submissive and help take sex completely away from him. It will wipe out his ego, help turn him sissy, and drastically reduce the male moncho attitude. Eventually he will love it, but more importantly, need it and even beg for it. This adds to the authority and power you have, as your the only way he gets it. It's also the only way to transform him into a sissy bitch, if you want to go that route. Pegging is also a mental training, meaning it will help to rearrange his thinking process and increase the need to obey you. Explained; Once you start locking up that little dick and take away orgasms, this will switch his pleasure zone from his dicklet to his ass. He will become dependent on your big cock and you owning his ass for his pleasure. When he becomes dependent on your cock, that means he has more less accepted that he will not be allowed pussy and give in to the only pleasure you allow him. Which he has no choice if he ever wants to feel sexual pleasure again, even though it will never lead to orgasm. When starting out you should peg him every other night for 2 weeks to get him use to getting your cock. Then peg him every night until he has fully accepted it and wants it. After he has accepted it, wants it and begs for it then peg him only 2 times a week, usually after you have been fucked by your boyfriend as that will make him relate your getting fucked to his pleasure and he will beg you to do just that.

The prostate when stimulated grants him intense pleasure, even more so than  just penis stimulation. However, it is a different kind of pleasure than penis stimulation, and it can't lead to orgasm with out also stimulation of the penis (99 % of men can't cum from pegging alone and need some sort of penis or ball touching to achieve orgasm) A penis orgasm last on average anywhere from 3 to 5 seconds. But when you peg him, the stimulation is built much like your own with vaginal sex, only once it reaches maximum pleasure there is no orgasm. Once built to its highest level, it can maintain that pleasure for up to 2 minutes (varies with men) and then subside.  That's far longer sensation than what a penis orgasm gives. At that point he just experience what is called a prostate orgasm or better known as a sissy orgasm (sissygasm for short). Its longer but its not the same as a penis orgasm as it lacks ejaculation, and bypasses the nerves associated with the release of dopamine and prolactin which trigger the male orgasm and also makes him not need sex. Essentially he is experiencing sex similar to the way you do, it builds then releases and then builds again and again. Only far less as intense as you feel it and with out that finial climax that leads your to orgasm. After he has loss penis orgasms for a while, his pussy can also get very wet as the arousal state builds, and he can even loose cum through his prostate when he experiences a sissygasm. Again the relation to "sissy orgasm" and nick name of his ass as a "pussy". The repeated build and release can drive him into a submissive sex frenzy, pleading and begging for your cock.

This is what makes pegging such a powerful tool for a dominatrix plus the humiliation aspect of it, you control it, and he can't orgasm from pegging alone. This allows you to constantly keep him on edge and stimulated the whole time your fucking him with out the fear of him cumming. Also men were not meant to experience that intense of pleasure nor for the duration as they do when getting pegged. Which is why the prostate is inside his ass, hidden. Experiencing this pleasure from a dominant woman with the combination of chastity and loss of orgasm can bring powerful feelings of submission from him. Men don't have the sexual capacity or nerve path ways to deal with that pleasure like women do, even though its no where as intense as what we experience. Sex for them is not the same as it is for us as they actually experience 90% of the total pleasure they have from the orgasm. When they do experience the prolonged intense pleasure with out cumming, they become very submissive and can basically loose control including, moaning, screaming, and sometimes even crying, with willingness to obey any command. Seeing him this submissive and loose control like this is very arousing and intoxicating to a dominatrix, and this is the time you want to humiliate and show your authority . The submission comes from not being able to handle that amount of pleasure for that amount of time and the fact you you control it. Also the psychological effect of you literally forcing that pleasure through penetration at which they have no control. You see, with his penis he could loose interest, not want it and go limp, but when you force pegging on him or even prostate play, he not only has no control physically, but also mentally as there is no going limp and he is literally forced to take the building pleasure leading to his moaning and screaming but with no end or climax for him as he can't cum.

Before you peg it would probably be better if you watch several videos, this is to get a view of the actual act and the basics. While its pretty straight forward, there is actually a technique to doing a good job, even though the videos might not show it but I'll get into that a little later. Once you get an understanding of whats actually going on, and how to go about it visually, you should be ready to do it. Your first time take it slow and remember he probably isn't excited about taking your cock. He is more than likely dreading it and nervous, thinking its going to hurt, and it might if you go to fast. You don't want it to hurt, you want him to enjoy it, to love it, to need it and to become depended on it. He is also humiliated that your forcing him to be fucked by a cock, and one thats bigger than his. Thats ok, humiliation only adds to his submission and mind control, especially down the road when he is begging you to fuck him.

After the first time, he is no longer a virgin, and unknowingly taken a big step to being your bitch. He has been mind fucked as well as ass fucked because of this; He has been forcefully penetrated by a larger cock than his little dicklet and ended up enjoying it. He has now lost part off his manhood and humiliated that he was forced to take it, but even worse he started to enjoy it and wants more. This humiliation is good because its the first step to breaking him and wiping away his manhood which you drastically need to do in order to get the true submissive you want. Once he realizes he has no control and admits to his self that he gets great pleasure from it, he will accept it, as well as other humiliating submissive acts. Once he accepts that his pleasure now only comes from your cock he will actually loose more of his manhood and take another step towards being your perfect bitch. As the pegging becomes more of a on going reality he will start to get more pleasure because of not fighting it. The humiliation doesn't stop there, once he does accept it and desires your cock, he will be humiliated that he can't help himself, and he truly can't, he is dependent and addicted to that pleasure. Now more humiliated that he needs it and is willing to beg for it and eventually do anything to get it. Even more so if he is made to do other humiliating acts to be granted that privilege. If he only knew what was coming.*BIG GRIN*  This is why you will want to make him beg for it, preferably on his knees and made to suck it before before fucking him.

OK, Before your first time you will need to make sure his horniness is built up for several weeks. During that time you will also need to start using toys and your finger to manipulate his prostate. This will break the barrier from virgin ass to pegging and get him use to something going into his ass as well as the pleasure his prostate is capable of giving, and even a finger or 2 can have him moaning like a little girl. Also no pussy or orgasms at all, as you should have already started switching his pleasure from his penis to his ass. This way those areas are far more sensitive and easily stimulated. Take sometime time to play before you insert a finger or toy into his ass. Get some lube and Rub/message his ass hole and perineum (the area between his ass and balls) independently and at the same time. You should also take some time to lick (only, not suck) the underside of his head and lick his balls. After a few minutes he should be loving it, A LOT! His asshole its self will give him a lot of pleasure now that he has not been getting orgasms, and this pleasure will lead to him wanting you to stick your finger in, and eventually your cock. This is now his only erogenous zone and soon the trick to have him begging for your cock. It is the most important place on his body, for him and you from now on, especially if you wish to turn him sissy. Soon that will be the only place he gets pleasure, and the only place he will think about. After playing with his special spots for a while, go a head and slowly stick one finger in. Move it in and out a bit and then start to rub his prostate gently. Use finger motions to rub, example; figure 8, side to side, circles-little o's and big o's, the come hither (come here movement), back and forth, or any combination of the above. pay attention to the ones that make him moan louder as those are the ones that touch that special spot. Again take some time here and there to lick his balls and the underside of his head. (after a few times of playing with just one finger) Now its time to really get him moaning,  pull out and get some lube on 2 fingers and slowly slide them both in. After playing with his prostate for a bit and then using 2 fingers, the pleasure is probably more than he can handle, so be sure not to touch his dicklet very much as you don't want him to orgasm. Just keep teasing his head now and then and he will be begging to serve you. after you have had your fun and he is good and horny, now its time to roll him over.

Time for Pegging
He should always be tied down when training but also when pegging and its always best to get him horny before. Always use a finger to loosen up his ass or butt plug at some point during training before you go shoving your cock in his ass. As time goes on this may not be necessary or at best just a finger or two right before will do the trick to loosen him up. The best position for pegging is doggy style (especially for the first time)as it give you more control and it allows you to pull his hair and smack his ass through out the pegging. After a few times when he is use to getting your cock, you will want to change it up now and then by putting him on his back for pegging, standing him up bent over the bed or other ways. Always use a condom on your dildo, unless its only used for his ass. Use plenty of lube and keep it lubed if needed.

Start out slow giving his ass time to adjust to the size (the bigger the dildo the longer he may need). Slide it in inch by inch taking a few minutes in between until he can take it all (hit bottom) and then give him a few minutes to get use to the whole cock in his ass (the first few times you may need to ask feed back from him). Now slowly pump in and out with short strokes giving his ass time to adjust to the motion. After you see that he is relaxing and accepting the cock you can use longer strokes and slowly start working your way to fucking him fast and hard. Use his reactions to judge by how fast and hard you slam it in him. You will learn his body reactions and better technique the more times you do it, As time goes on he will eventually start moaning and screaming like a girl when pleasure is at its best for him, and may even try to back up on it as you fuck him. This is a good time to laugh at him and tell him things like, "my little bitch loves that cock doesn't he) Make him answer and ask him who's bitch he is as you smack his ass hard 3 times, then keep humiliating him!

Use your hands a lot, grab his hips pulling him back firmly towards your cock as you fuck him. This teaches him you have control. Pull his hair, smack his ass hard and loud, leave deep red hand prints to show as ownership later after the fucking. Smack it off and on during the whole time and occasionally grab his balls by the base and pull. Play lightly for very short amounts of time with the underside of his little dicklet (that is until you start keeping it in the chastity full time) but never stroke him in a jacking off motion as he will orgasm/cum. To much stimulation will cause him to cum so keep it minimal. Ideally you will want to fuck him just like you like getting fucked doggy style, driving that cock in good and hard. *NOTE* Its very important in making his ass feel owned and thus the smacking of the ass leaving the hand prints for visual after. This is a mental training as well as psychical. You want him to believe you own his ass but more importantly you want him to want you to own it.

 Just like for you getting fucked by a guy who knows how to fuck good, you need to learn how to fuck him good. While fucking him, from time to time go slow and use your hands to really spread his ass cheeks far apart, let him feel his ass crack spread which puts more sensation on his ass hole. You should also do this now and then when fucking him faster as well. You should be very verbal, this is the perfect time to degrade and humiliating him about how much of a bitch he is (and sissy if you want) and how much he loves your cock. Say things like, "you like my big cock taking this ass, don't you?" After he says yes, and he will, tell him"your going to be my bitch from now aren't you?" this is a great time to make him feel like your submissive little bitch, and to want to be your bitch. Also remember to take time here and there to pull his hair and smack his ass very hard while humiliating him. Use other toys and tools from time to time when fucking him, I like to tie a rope around the base of his balls and cock and pull it snug to tie off at the bottom of the bed. This keeps him in position and every time I slam it in he gets a little squeeze of pain, especially when I give the rope a little pull by hand. I also like to take 2 small wooden pins (get at the local hardware store) and push his dicklet inside its self, putting the pins squeezed together with rubber bands at the end to keep the head from poking out, then roll it up like a hose, then use another rubber band to rap it around the new penis ball and his balls to secure it in place. This does 2 things, first it almost eliminates penis sensation which helps keep him from orgasm and it can give more sensation on his prostate because it forces the corpora cavernous down closer to the prostate, grouping the nerves closer. You could also just force it inside its self as far as you can and use a heavy duty pin or clip to hold it inside its self.  Remember you want to be very verbal yourself, humiliating him about this being the only pleasure he will get, and how he is being a good bitch taking your cock (what ever else you want to say to humiliate him) Make him beg for it or you will stop, have him tell you he wants to be your bitch from now on. Laugh at him moaning and tell him "hearing you moan like a bitch makes me want to get fucked by a real man".  think of your own things to say, what ever you want, and have fun with it. Trust me the more you make him feel like your bitch, the more he will want to be your bitch.

I always make him beg for my cock on his knees and then suck my cock first before I put him into position and sometimes I make him suck it after he is in position before I fuck him. Regardless of what rout you go with him, you should always or at least most of the time make him suck a big dildo while you fuck him. Buy a dildo holder and place it in front of him while you peg him and demand he suck it. Make sure he does a good job and smack his ass really hard if he fails, also use this time to humiliate him about it and this is his place from now on, especially if you plan to turn him sissy and suck real cock. If you decide to go the sissy route, make him wear panties and stockings and leave them on while you fuck him.

Remember playing with his little dicklet to much during fucking him will cause him to get off and cum, only touch his dicklet here and there as needed. *NOTE* It is very, very rare that a man can orgasm by fucking him in the ass, (he may have some cum ooze out, but that's not an orgasm). The feeling he gets is a lot like a pre-orgasm (much like you feel when your getting close to getting off but don't quite reach that stage, only not as intense as you feel). This is why pegging is so valuable to Dom's as a great tool to make him submissive, you get all the perks but he gets none of the glory. Its is the best tease you can do to him even with out you doing penis stimulation on him and why its works great for long term chastity or permanent chastity. Every time he gets fucked, the sensation builds and he feels like he may cum, but it never happens. This leaves him unsatisfied, still horny(only worse), and begging for more, with the added benefit he feels more like your bitch and wants to please you to get your cock again. After a certain point, he will be hooked on your cock, begging to do anything you ask and please you to feel that cock in his pussy/ass. If you really want to push his boundaries, make him take your lovers cock.

Have fun!!